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Groznit Goregut:

Hi All,

I just wanted to let you guys know that Da Warpath is starting up a new web campaign. The Animosity Team has always had good campaigns, but they never could get the Greenskin players to come out like Empire, WE, or Bretts. They are running Animosity 3.5 - The Battle of the Bosses!


Animosity 3.5: Battle of da Bosses

Following their victories in the final days of the Second Arabian War the greenskin tribes retreated in the Bardouk mountains for the coming winter. But in typical greenskin fashion it was not going to be quiet. After weeks of relative calm a long simmering rivalry between Warbosses erupted into civil war that now threatens all of Araby.

The Battle of da Bosses is online campaign designed to be a learning experience to introduce online campaigning to the members of da-warpath.com. We have designed this campaign to be a stripped down and simplistic process that will be run entirely through DWP boards and Private Messages.

Who Can Play?

Although we will not be excluding armies from this campaign, it is designed to represent a Greenskin civil war in Araby. That means that if you are going to play a non-greenskin army you need to tailor your army fluff so that it would be appropriate to be working with Greenskins (ie hired mercs fighting for a tribe). If you do not do this it is likely any fluff that is submitted will be ignored.

When does it Start? How long will it last?

Registration begins April 2 and will remain open for the duration of the campaign, so if you are late coming you can still join in and take part. The campaign will last at least a month with battle reporting beginning on April 6. We currently have no end date in mind and it will largely depend on how the campaign progresses.
I know that it’s Greenskin focused, but I figure there are some cross-over players or perhaps some Chaos Dwarfs who want to get in on the action. You don’t have to have a Greenskin army, but you have to make the fluff fit.

Groznit Goregut:

No one interested in an online campaign? I would have thought there would be more interest in this on here. I know many CD players are also OnG players. Still, it wouldn’t be hard to say some CD’s are playing for one side or another.

Kera foehunter:

sorry i mist this post !! kera sends pm