[Archive] New Juggernaut coming


A heads up, incase you want to convert one to a Great Taurus and you like this version better :cheers

Knight Of Awsome:

Sorry to burst you bubble… but, theres a thread for that hear : https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/8613

I wonder were everyone found this?


Still, a nice heads up and we appreciate the effort :wink:

The model itself feels a bit too cluttered for my liking, but that could be the paint job I suppose… hrmmm…


I think it’s a superb model and for the first time I am really tempted to buy a Spearhead (which apparently could be the last one).

The model is certainly fairly ornate, but on the other hand Chaos are so over the top to start with that it doesn’t really seem that out of place.