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Time of Madness:

Pictures of the new mangler up on warseer now.

Time of Madness


Wow, that looks amazing. Completley mad and bizarre just like the gobbos should be. Not too keen on the goblins themselves though, might have to remove them if I get it.

I much prefer the 6th edition plastic night goblins to the new ones.


A smart git would separate the two manglers and have 2 instead of 1. Looks easy to do.

Thommy H:

Hm. Not too fond of that.


A smart git would separate the two manglers and have 2 instead of 1.  Looks easy to do.

Yeah, that occured to me too.


I suppose that answers the question on how two huge squigs could fit on a 50mm base


I love it! Always been a big fan of squigs!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think the concept fits, but I don’t understand why there are two on one.

If you don’t separate them and put one on another vbase, you have far too much money and not enough sense :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thommy H:

There are two of them because that’s what a Mangler Squig actually is - two Giant Cave Squigs chained together so they go mental. The description in the book is quite explicit. You could separate them and get two, yes, but they’d technically only count as a Mangler Squig then.


thats a bit over the top, kinda nice but way to big and pricey.

A well i was already working on my own and looking at this I got it right, but just not as big.


Very cool. Is it just me, or could that not have been done like it is in metal? It looks like a lot of material and if metal, would have been hella top heavy.

Could this be a benefit of Finecast?

Thommy H:

It is indeed a benefit of working in resin. The Ogre Firebelly is another good example - those flames couldn’t have been done in metal.


I must admit I really like the model, so far. But By Hashut the price of it! For what isn’t even a real unit but more of a movable marker. Someone made a comment of it being priced as a centrepiece unit despite being a throwaway part of you army list. My understanding is that people will want to use say 2, 3 or even 4 of these. The cost of that would buy you most of the rest of you army! I need to point it up but I think I got the better part of a Skaven army for what 4 Manglers would end up costing.

Then again I’m continually surprised at the price of new models whenever I happen to check something online.

Thommy H:

Well, these things aren’t really priced according to how useful they are in the game. Mangler Squigs are so random, that no one who plays any sort of optimised list (and therefore cares much about points per unit of currency) is going to be using them anyway. This model is clearly aimed at collectors and completists.


Not that any models are by and large priced per the points or anything like that.

Most people seem to really like the Mangler. Taking one won’t do much likely but 3-4 will more than give their points back. That’s the feeling I get from all over. Lots of people asking how to make them, what base size they should have etc. I’ve gotten the feeling there is a demand for them beyond completeness and collecting.

Thommy H:

It has very fun rules. It’s very much an all-or-nothing unit - it’ll either chomp a whole unit or just achieve nothing and die. They’re not a clever choice compared to almost anything else in the book, but if you’re playing a Night Goblin themed list, they’re thematically essential. As I say, these are for people who want a Mangler Squig no matter what - it’s not going to convince anyone who doesn’t want one to get one!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Having not got the greenskin book, I didn’t know that was the description, lol. In which case, it does the job perfectly - what makes me curious though, is why it is singular in name.

Very nice model, making the most of the new material.

Thommy H:

I think it is actually “Mangler Squigs”, but everyone always seems to use the singular. I think there’s a bit of confusion because it does sound like an actual type of squig (i.e. one up from a Giant Cave Squig or whatever) - in fact, it’s the same Giant Cave Squig you can get as a hero mount, just with another one, chained together and working like a massive, more powerful Night Goblin Fanatic.

Or people are just too lazy to read the fluff sections of their books, which wouldn’t surprise me. The online Warhammer community has the average intellect of the vegetable drawer in my fridge, but with fewer vitamins.


50 euros, guys! That’s maybe 68,50 CAN! (Or 7 hours of work at minimum wage in Quebec. Not my case, luckily.)


I do like that finecast is allowing them more dynamic minis. Just wish I didn’t have to buy a bottle of filler for every six finecast minis.