[Archive] New model syndrome (marauder horseman)


I know, a bad case of shiny new model syndrome.

Anyway, considering it’s the first horse I’ve painted in about 8 years I’m quite pleased with it. This is still WIP, there’s a few bits to finish (wood grain, bandages, metals, touch-ups)

If you were wondering he’s nurgle themed from the Dreaded Wo tribe


Nice job. Like the mottling effect on the horse. Has he hurt his hoof or just been running through some blood and gor

Kera foehunter:

Wow looks great grims !!! i like the horse it look great !!

the base is perfect !! the snow great and the blood is sweet

and warpaint ooooooh now that a man!!and if he had a Mohawk he be a perfect man


He has stepped in some of the blood. I find it really annoying that GW sculpt a very nice horse, with mould lines in places that are generally easy to clean, but they forgot to sculpt the horse shoes underneath!?!? On my knights I’ve carved it out a bit, but I couldn’t be bothered on these.

Only a real follower of chaos wears make-up! :wink:


I like him Good job.