[Archive] New multi-purpose monster sprue!


Amazing find on TWF!

Games Workshop have done a deal with Hasbro, and released a multi-purpose monster kit. The deal is a one off arrangement, and uses Hasbro’s experience in multi-function and coloured kits.

Interesting, coloured, who would of thought?

A Games Workshop spokesman was delighted with the arrangement, and said that the multi-purpose kit can be made into a variety of monsters. You can make a monster for Skaven, Beastmen, Chaos and Tomb Kings.

But he doesn’t name them . . .

The spokesman went on about the variety in the kit:

There are multi-arms, eyes, legs, noses, even ears. There is no limit to your imagination!

See sprue image below:


arhhh, arrrghhhh…

Chaos Spawn!!!


to big for a spawn but a evil chaos giant or a damon prince now where talking :slight_smile:


There’s only one head, I can’t make a Chaos Dragon!


That’s a massive horrible monster! :expressionless:

With regard to my children I can’t buy this … ! :~



Its hideous. If only it came with a beard and a big hat.


For the love of… Its not THAT funny.

(For an explanation of grumpiness: I’m a member of a lot of forums, this wasn’t funny on TWF, and it remains unfunny…)

Lord Archaon:

It made me smile, but it didn’t make me rofl :slight_smile:
And i guess it would be better to move this to Off-topic discussion :wink:

Kera foehunter:

That not the true mr Potato head !! he has no pipe

so boil this one in oil

Border Reiver:

The sprues not as multipurpose as you think. But you can store extra components in the *ss.


It’s a kollossus, it can transport twenty chaos dwarf warriors and it is army with dual death-rockets.


Greater daemon of hashut! Love it …


It’s still an improvement on the Chaos Ogres.


I clearly need help… I saw this and actually wondered for a while if you could use it to convert up some kind of massive demonic forge gollem… >runs to find his therapist<