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Hello, this is my converted Sorceror on a little mini diorama I made for him. As you can probably see, he is quite a high level one, as his hands are already stone, and, though you cannot see it, the stone is also at around midchest. The skull on the pointy stick is his former master, who had an unfortunate accident, leading to them being unable to find anything but his head. See if you can guess the pieces. Apologies for the photo angles. I would like some constructive criticism.


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Can�t see the picture :frowning:


hmmm… u forgot about something :wink:


hmmm... u forgot about something ;)




That’s pretty cool, I quite like it! The size of the face is a bit exaggerated, but that doesn’t really bother me. When I saw the first picture I immediately thought “dang! Well done!” Regarding constructive criticism, I’m not sure I like how the skulls turned out. It’s hard to tell what colours you used, but my suggestion is to try blending up from a brown to a bone, as opposed to a grey. I figure that one’s mostly just personal preference tho.

Nice work!


It is painted to be stone. In better detail, or in person you can see that it is the exact same shade as the hands, helmet, and scalemail. I am not sure how to fix the proportion of the head. Hard to have room for big nose, tusks, and mustache.

Oh, and it won a competition thing, in GW York. Currently in the display cabinet. Anyone who is really bored and nearby could take a look in person.

EDIT: D’oh, just realised that this is fully painted, and in the wrong place. Can someone give me a move thingie?

The Slaver:

Awsome piece of work! I applaud everyone who take the time to make an individual diorama for a single or group of models. It just shows so much characters! Tip of the hat to ya lad!


I can’t really tell what’s in his hand, what is that?

Ghrask Dragh:

Great work on the beard and hair!

If you sculpt the teeth curvedback towards the face and slightly out towards the ears (slightly) you’ll find you won’t need to set the mouth as far down. I would like to see something hanging from the tree also, like the caged skeleton from the giant kit, as a warning to stay out of the dark lands!!!

I really like his eyepiece and the sculpted Dawi-Zharr rune on his back! Nice idea with showing the hands turning to stone too! keep up the good work!!


Nice work man! I really like what you’ve got here! If I wasn’t in a rush I 'd leave some more feedback!


Welcome, and really good conversion! Only thing I would comment on is that the petrification of the right hand (the one that holds the staff) looks a little weird.


i think he is really cool. the scenic base sets it off really well. my favourite bit the the rune. it looks very precision. well done :slight_smile:


Well done man, I like the Face and beard! Not sure about the Dwarfy helmet though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work!


Well done man, I like the Face and beard! Not sure about the Dwarfy helmet though. :P

Nice work!

I was thinking about going big hat but I had set myself a strict timeline of a few days to do him, and I figured if I could not big hat properly I should not big hat at all. I will be returning to CD shortly after finishing my squig-giant-hydra-dragon thing. It mainly needs some neck smoothing and scales added.


Sweet stuff man, we’d love to see more you have great potential as a Chaos Dwarf general!