[Archive] New player: 1000 point army, need help!


Hi, im just about to start my Chaos Dwarf army (ive been wanting to do one for ages but never got around to do one). Im planning to use most of the stuff from the Battle for Skull Pass box set and i wrote a quick army list of what my starting army could be like:


Chaos Dwarf Hero: 114 points

Great weapon, Armour of Gazrakh, Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer: 115 points

2x Dispel Scrolls


19 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: Full Command, Shields = 201 points

20 Hobgoblins: Light armour, shields, Full Command = 110 points

20 Hobgoblins: Light armour, shields, Full Command = 110 points

10 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: Blunderbusses = 120 points


Death Rocket = 80 points

20 Sneaky Gits: Champion = 110 points

Total: 960 points

so what do you think? Oh yeah and what can i use my final 40 points on?

Uzkul Werit:

Use them on a few more Blunderbussmen. That S5 is really important. I’d even drop a Scroll to get those extra Blunderbussmen as the one scroll is enough in 1000pts.


If you field your bluderbuss guys 4x3 you’ll be able to get to strength 5 with the shooting, but you’ll be weak as a kitten in combat.

A better idea would be to field them 5x3, which will involve you freeing up another 60 points.��If you have 40 spare points then either drop a scroll to get the extra 5 guys to bring the unit up to 15 or drop the champion and standard bearer from the hobgobs to free up the points.

You may also want to consider shifting the full command from the hobgobs to the blunderbussers or dropping the second scroll to free up points for a musician and standard bearer on the blunders.


Do you think i should replace my sneaky gits with some hobgoblin archers, as looking at many posts it states that Sneaky gits are nerfed in the 7th edition, also that i noticed that i don’t have enough missile fire in my army, what would you suggest?

Servant of Chaos:

I think that you should drop the death rockit in return for an earthshaker with the extra points. For only 30 points extra you have the ability to nerf enemy shooting and slow down their movement. It is a great combo.


You could just use the Sneaky gits as regular hobgoblins then use the points you save to bulk up your Blunderbuss unit.