[Archive] New Rules - Leaked? - I have been corrected..this is NOT NEW STUFF


Hello All

I am a fan of podcasts, and I listen them to them while I paint. Today I heard this one. It sounds like it was ‘leaked’.


They presenters were talking about what is in the new Chaos Dwarf rulebook, which is being brought out by Forge World.

Anyone else heard this podcast?

Some of the things they cover:

- Stats and costs of various units

- Hobgoblins

- A Lammasu

- Characters

- Magic

- Comparisons to previous versions of the rules (ie what stats have changed, what is cheaper etc)


downloading now…

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downloading now...

Let me know what you think?

Thommy H:

Surely their information comes from the same source as ours? It doesn’t sound, from your brief list, that they know any more than we do from the French GD preview. Also, there’s definitely not a Lammasu in the list except as an option that directs you to the Storm of Magic rules.


Let me know what you think?
Completely sure that they don't know anymore than what we get.
They talk about death shriecker and small template, but I was mistaken when I said that at that time (as I couldn't be sure, I talked about small template rather than the big one, as that seems to me more appropriate), as we know now that it is the large template.

They have all the informations I fill to many of us on war machines and other rules, but they do not have any of those we lack...


Sorry everyone. I must have been under a rock or something, as I didn’t know, that everyone else knew about this except for me. So when I heard it on a Podcast, I was very excited.

I have corrected the title of this thread, so others don’t get fooled, like I did.