[Archive] new sculpt WIP [UPDATE 13-12-10]


very early wip, but starting to take shape!


very, very nice!

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like the shape!

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Da Crusha:

seems pretty nice. is this guy going to be a standard bearer?


ohh wow, looking very nice :slight_smile:


Looks very nice!

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i like the pose, looks really good



i like the attack hound! looking Great!


How the

Looks awesome. Really like the helmet - and that glove … awesome work.

Is this a sorcerer? Looks like he could be holding a staff - but other then that not a ‘typical’ sorcerer look. But I don’t mind :smiley:

Or maybe a standard bearer? :o

And a nice pet - nothing I’ll let my kids keep - but nice (in an evil way) :wink:

And this thread is now a ‘subscribed thread’. Won’t let this happens twice.


I was wondering where is Carsten when I need his advice, I´ll shoot you an PM next time I start a new sculpt :wink: !

Whatta ya think? Standard bearer with and optinal sorcerors staff head? Or maybe even an additional head to make a halberd?

sigh, choices choices…


You certainly will - we can’t let that happen again :smiley:

You know I’d like a more ‘modern’ sorcerer, and this guy has the potential for that - but think you are right about an additional head option, then. This head is more a warrior/hero/leader kind of head - and are probably more ‘suited’ for something like a standard bearer.

But based on the art work/concept sketch he has an overall warrior look. And I’m looking forward seeing you do that spiky shoulder pad.

But he could also be holding a sword point down - that would be über cool as well (cause I ‘need’ another hero character (after just ordering 16 characters from Dave King - lol)).

So I’ll go for a standard bearer/sword master combo - and then, after this - start doing a shaman/sorcerer dwarf :smiley:


Looks great so far, love the “demon-dog-thing”!


Something like this i was thinking…


why not make the weapon a two handed axe, or a mace?

-not a big fan of spear tbh.


Awesome scult, i am with nitroglysarine an axe of mace would work better, or a really cool looking hammer would be nice :slight_smile:


Halberd would look real cool - but your ‘gaming customers’ might be right about it’s potential :frowning: I’d say: to hell with the rules - the need changing anywaysize]

And it would give ‘us’ the opportunity to get a standard bearer alternative as well.

But I wouldn’t give up the idea doing him a sword eighter - will make him look real heroic. A true tyrant.

And standing on a skull?? Well thats been done a 100 times. My I suggest something different?

- perhaps something that dog drag in. You’ve done the attack dog - why not let him have his pray? So, do a dead mans head (in a wide sence so human, goblin(hob), dwarf, orc, Ogre etc.)

- or an animal - like a rat, bird, lizard or even a giant frog

- or a piece of armory like shield or cheast plates :smiley: EDIT: or a helmet :stuck_out_tongue:

- or a terrain piece - rubble, stone, piece of wood …

Or maybe leaning his foot on a football (a lot of new customer potential here) - Sjoerd’s doing fantasy football :o


What about having his foot on say a bretonian helm or a empire knight of the realm-helm?


Looking great so far! Can’t wait to see it finished


Looking great so far! Can't wait to see it released

Fixed that one for you :P