[Archive] New Sjoerd Trouwee Chaos Dwarf

Thommy H:

Old school.


That looks pretty cool, i am a fan of his other work, but this looks more chaotic than his others. Cant wait to see it finished!

Pyro Stick:

This is going to be an interesting model. At the moment im not a fan of the crab claw but that could chage when he adds the double handed weapon.

Kera foehunter:

Auggggg he been playing card with davy jones…

great stuff !!! is he a head hunter too !

notice more heads in the back ground


Pulper’s stuff is insanely cool.


Love this guys work - though the last few ones has turned him away from the Marauder look-a-likes :~

It’s based on a drawing from an old fantasy novel, which has an crabclaw and a flathead…


Anyone who knows what Fantasy novel/drawing he is talking about?


Damn that’s good. I wish I could sculpt like that…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking good :smiley: At first, I didn’t realise the crab-claw was a third arm.

Alas, I could not say which novel/picture it is from, sorry, clam.


Only two words can describe that sculpt = Bulk Awesome.


Bulk awesome?

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Bulk awesome?

If it's any consolation, I'm confused at this usage as well.


Holy Hashut! Nice sculptin’ there. I actually like the flat top a lot. Maybe a spike in the middle would look nice, but this looks good as well.


Bulk awesome?

If it's any consolation, I'm confused at this usage as well.

I'm usually up on my lingo but this one looked more like a mistyping then anything else.

Ghrask Dragh:

Got to love it :slight_smile: alot more chaos than his other sculpts but just as cool, cool idea with the crab claw mutation :hat off

Thommy H:



If he is to be casted - they will be room for him (too) in my army - great work Sjoerd :hat off

And no one knows what Fantasy novel/drawing this is based on?


oh wow, just wow…or to add another confusing usage of awesome, Awesomesauce!


This is the illustration onw hich I based the miniature:


Thx Sjoerdo :smiley:

So it’s from a Gotrek and Felix book then - I guess!

As said earlier on - I love you new dwarf, so any chance that we will see this casted and up for sale?


It’s from a very old black library novel, but I have no idea which one, I will have to check my sources…

A good friend of mine, uses the name Frothwight Crabclaw which is based on this image. He asked me to sculpt him, so I did. Will have to change the horns a bit though…

Not sure If it will become available… I’ll ask Hasslefree if they are interested…