[Archive] New Space Marines


Here are the images. Hope you like 'em :slight_smile:


Pyro Stick:

Space Marines are the last army that need new minis but at least they are starting to actually look half decent. The Techmarine and Thunderfire Cannon looks crazy. But whats with the new land raider? It looks exactly the same as the others but i bet it will cost something ridicolous like £50.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

although SM don’t need a new codex this early i do like all the modal and will buy most of then for my DA army

Pyro Stick:

…Didnt SM get a new codex about a year ago?

Hashut’s Blessing:

They pretty much all look the same as before, except the Techmarine which looks quite cool. Not sure what his large, four-pronged weapon-arm is. The Thunder Cannon looks cool, but looks pretty Orky IMO…


The first thing I thought of when I saw the Thunder Cannon is "Right, that’s the Death Rockets sorted…"

Overall, nice new figures. I don’t need any of them, so no doubt I’ll get a royal shedload of them.


Ouch, those guys rock. I love the idea that veterans now come from all sorts of disciplines. Any idea what will be different in the new codex?

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

oh no i can’t get on they need my password and username help me those pic’s are like a drug i must see


oh no i can't get on they need my password and username help me those pic's are like a drug i must see

Godbob and his jolly rogers
If you can't get in heresy, you can see them all Here


I HATE space marines!

And i REALLY don’t think they need a new book.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

If you can't get in heresy, you can see them all here

thanks :cheers


They look good but I don’t why Marines are getting a redo. There is quite enough support for them and their rules are good enough already.

Lord Darkash:

cause its what the kids will buy


GW = Space Marines.

when I worked there, we sold more space marines than almost everything else combined.

they are the “flag ship” army for 40k, which is GW’s main seller for younger gamers who annoy their parents into buying them the figures they want, so it makes sense from a business perspective to tweak them every few years, as it means all the existing marine players (i admit i have a sizeable salamanders force myself) need to replace the codex at least.

and i will likely end up buying whatever new units they release, just so i can have one of everything.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

supesfella is right 'cos i’m a DA collector and i’m probley going to buy them all to :shy:


I wonder if it’s because the old codices are not 100% compaible with the new 40k rules? if that is the case, I’d be well p***ed off if I bought the Daemons of Chaos book!


i doubt that will be the case, i admit that GW get a lot of stuff wrong, but I dont think they would drop that ball so obviously.

i think that its just a combo of marines being their biggest seller, plus the fact that they were last re-done around xmas 2004 (if i remember rightly), so they are no longer the bestest army GW do, and they want to restore the balance back to the Emperor’s finest…

ive heard they are planning on axeing the 2 special weapons per tac squad, which really messes up my Salamanders force, as I have 2 flamers in each squad. mmm. fire.


and after i’ve spent ages scratch building drop pods… now they’ll be loadsa drop armies.

its just not fair.


dude, get back to work… i can see you slacking from this end of the office!


does this mean we will no longer be friends if i buy some plastic drop pods?

finally im free of your shadow!


Space marines GW,s business model for success.They look ok but nothing special at least they are actually producing minis for dropships more monkees for my Eldar to destroy!:stuck_out_tongue: