[Archive] New Tactics Section?


Hey guys,

I was just wondering with the new year right around the corner, unless you celebrate the Chinese new year of course, I was wondering if it was time to start a follow-on to the Daemonsmith’s Handbook with tactics for CD against the different armies. There are more armies I haven’t played at this point than there are that I have played, so being able to pool our experience and draw on other’s lessons learned would be fantastic.

I’m sure many of us have loads of experience against a couple armies that we either play regularly or run ourselves. I know that I would love to share all i can about High Elves (my first army) and Ogre Kingdoms (the army I play the most).

Anyways, just a thought. Happy Holidays to those of you who celebrate any and/or all of them!


Great idea. I’ve played quite some games against high elves and dwarfs now. Beginning to see a pattern with some things in those games. Would love to share those thoughts.


I agree with Bloodbeard, great idea!!


I am all for it. Maybe a summary of all enemy threats per army?

It’d be a one stop shop and help players across the spectrum.