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Kera foehunter:

Well i like chaos dwarfs. Though iam enterested in chaos dwarfs i have a dwarf army i play. The thing that made me join is the cool armys that you made out of green stuff and the cool painting and converting of chaos dwarfs. this is something i just started doing.

(not like i master green stuff yet)


good on you! if you have started we would love to see pictures


Welcome aboard mate. I’m new here too and have found it very welcoming. Enjoy!


Matty :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard, yet another to fall under the influence of almighty Hashut! :hashut


Welcome, on behalf of the staff! Always glad to have new minions :hat off

Kera foehunter:

Well thanks you guys. I can feal my teeth growing now.:slight_smile: Now i have to get one of them big hats.

Traitor King:



Much greenstuffing awaits!


Welcome aboard. Have a Beer :cheers

- Tallhat


Welcome to CDO! Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:


Welcome :),:mask or :hat all are welcome here


Why hello.��Small world isn’t it :hat off

We could always do with some Chaos Dwarf Pirates! :cheers



Must… have… pictures…


Yarr… Them be Pirates?? Avast! We must see!

- Tallhat


While not a fan of big hats, how about this image: big hatted chaos dwarf pirates! Arrgh! They best not fall overboard. That, alone would sent them hurling towards Davey Jones locker faster then a horde of hungry halflings at all you can eat buffet.


No it wouldnt. Imagine the amount of air trapped inside their hats. They would just float :smiley:

- Tallhat


I disagree, depends on the angle of said hat; imagine if you will a cup it is at say a 45 degree angle. :slight_smile: Dwarf anchor here we come glub glub.

Kera foehunter:

ha ha like a pirate would fall off a big chaos dwarf ship . Second his big hat would fall off when he hit the water:P

P.S. H i grimstonefire yes it a small world you scurvy dog.:hat off


Who said anything about falling? You make it sound like it would be an accident.

- Tallhat


I don’t know about that Kera. Think about it they ride around on big winged monsters and they never fall off! Rules should be made up for those that have hat armies that represent a d6 chance of it falling of and striking a unit below, scatter dice apply. Maybe a S9 hit?


hi this is my first post so im obviously new. im just wondering if anyone could tell me where i could get my hands on some choas dwarf background and/or pics. I was inspired by a chaos dwarf conversion in the golden daemon a few years back and when i saw the rules on gw’s website it was love at first sight!!! Thanks for your help!