[Archive] New Undead Dwarf from Greebo


For those of you who may be working on some undead-themed Chaos Dwarfs (like myself) then you may be interested in the new model available from Greebo Miniatures.

Just sayin…



Thanks for the info. Undead dwarves are fairly rare, so I do like to collect them when I see them, having a few models each of dwarven skeletons (old GW Fantasy Tribes dwarf skeleton, Cursed Company skeleton in plate armor, and the TSR Chainmail skeleton), dwarven zombies (Ral Partha, Grenadier Monster Manuscripts, GW Mordheim), and even a dwarven vampire(Ral Partha)!

I don’t care so much for the mummy theme in this one, but as far as dwarven mummies are concerned, this is the best version I’ve seen so far (the other being JVS minis) since he at least incorporates some armor.


they also have nice bull centars.


Quite nice! Is it part of an undead team or just a one-off?