[Archive] New User and Trouble with a Hellcannon


Howdy guys,

New to the boards and infact, new to Warhammer, but a big lover of all things CD. Obviously being new to Warhammer, CDs for me are more aesthetic than playing wise, but still freaking awesome.

Anyway, recently cought the Hellcannon, but the barrell is so badly illfitting. If i put 1 end together, the other is at least a good 10mm apart and vice versa. Any suggestions on what i can do?? Would it look reeeeaaally shite if i tried to Green Stuff the gap??

any help apreciated fellas.



I found that the main cause of the gap in mine was a bulge in the centre. After filing it down (it is very awkard to do) there was still a gap but not as large so it looked okay with greenstuff.


where abouts in particular in the centre?? top, bottom or near a certain focal feature??

Just so its easier for me to know where im filing. lol


Ishkur Cinderhat:

You could just post a picture of your model, then we could make more specific suggestions how you could solve your problem, Craigisnutter.


And rather then file it, dremel it or with a suitably similar tool.

Pyro Stick:

I think all hellcannons must go together terrible. i have 2 and both of mine went together like a nightmare. I had to use GS on my first and i may have to use it on my second hellcannon as well as the the barrel is just a bad casting.


If you press both halves together and wiggle it you should be able to find the tilting point. That is where to file. It will be both at the top and bottom. A dremel would make it so much easier, I didn’t have one at the time.

The “lip” along the top of the barrel was also getting in the way on mine so I filed the underside of that too.


I bought a hellcannon, but found half the parts missing!  I then emailed the GW trolls about the missing parts and they sent me a whole new one.

Between the two kits I found two halves that went together reasonably well.

What I had to do in the end was to cut on the outside of the barrell along both sides of the vertical bar in the middle.  I cut through just enough that I could then bend it to fit.  It left some big gaps on the skulls though, a bit fiddly to GS…

I recommend just filing away as cornixt said.


This makes me want to put my own Hellcannon together. :smiley:

Man, I can’t wait to get my army rolling again!


well, ive carefully cut around a bit and filed…still left a gap, not as large, so i’m Green Stuffing it and we’ll see what happens.

Fingers Crossed