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Billy Ocean:

Hi all,

For those who enjoy listing to Warhammer podcasts while painting etc, please consider checking out the new Dimensional Cascade podcast, which I contribute to! Dimensional Cascade is a gaming group and forum for Seattle area players, so some of the material has a Pacific Northwest bias, but most is general WHFB discussion and should be of interest to all. The panel includes one hobby guru (been featured in WD and GW website multiple times), two of us who are more into the tactical gaming side, and one noob who makes sure the conversation remains accessible to newer gamers.

Each episode is broken into:

The Pit - a battle between two special characters played out on air!

News & Rumors - round up of GW releases, rumors, and interesting  kickstarters and 3rd party stuff.

Tournament Scene - discussion of recent and upcoming tournaments at the regional and national level (this is the PNW-centric part).

Hobby Horse - we discuss some aspect of painting, modeling etc and our hobby guru gives some pro-tips.

The Art of War - we discuss some aspect of the game in detail and give tactical advice.

There have been five episodes so far, although the first has poor sound quality and can be skipped. You can listen to them on the DIMENSIONAL CASCADE BLOG or get them through ITUNES.

We love getting any feedback on the podcast, and appreciate suggestions for the hobby and tactical sections so we can gear them towards the audience. So if you listen, please leave a comment here, and I’ll relay to the other guys on the panel.



I will check this out

Billy Ocean:

In episodes 6 and 7 of the dimensional cascade podcast we do an in-depth review of the dwarf book (we waited a couple months to let it all sink in and some playtesting):


Also, check out the photos of the special characters who have competed in ‘The Pit’ so far: