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Hi Ive been playing 40k mostly but have fallen for the chaos dwarfs,ive bought the book and love so many models, why do they have to be so pricy army points wise,i want to field everything. so with that in mind ive built this list and would value the tweaks required,im only going forgeworld with no proxies so i gotta get this right to only get whats needed.


Sorc lvl4 hashut enchanted shield,talisman pres,chalice of blood

smithy lvl 1 dispell scroll charm shield

castellan bsb mask and great weapon

2 khans on wolf light armour spear


26 infernal guard incl musician and standard (castillan goes here)

10 inf guard with fireglaive

30 hobgoblins with bows


2 magma cannons

iron daemon


Dreadquake with ogre

K’daai Destroyer


I say it’s a fine list. But I will offer a few bits of advice.

I would take a hellcannon over a dreadquake any day. Hellcannon can also work in close combat. And on the off chance of a misfire the dreadquake goes boom on 1-3. But it’s a matter of some debate what’s the better choice. Considering how pricy FW models are, perhaps the Hell Cannon is also a good choice in that regard.

I don’t believe 10 man units of fire glaives to enough damage. The don’t hit very well and 10 is just too few to take out chaff.

When your large IG regiment is only sword n board, it’s a good idea to invest in the Razor Banner. That extra -1 to armour save really makes a difference. Otherwise they simply won’t be killing enough if hit by high armor enemies.

I perhaps take 1 death shrieker and loose a magma cannon. The deathshrieker is really good for taking out enemy monsters, warmachines with luck and light troops (5’’ template). The magma cannon can then take on medium troops. This will also leave room for the magic banner. Or an extra level on the daemonsmith.

Lore of Hashut is awesome. But with the lvl 1 (maybe lvl 2) mage lore of metal is a great choice. Searing doom takes out heavy armoured enemies (something you list lacks, as the destroyer should take out large inf blocks). What you really want is Enchanted Blades of Aibain. With a +1 to hit and armour piercing you can make 30 hobgoblin bowmen really deadly.

Welcome to CDO!


As bloodbeard said take the hellcannon over the dread quake, it will suite this type of army better.

The group of 10 fireglaives can work as Irondemon support for flank chargers so that is going to be OK you just got to be careful with positioning.

Id drop the hobgoblins to 20 and get a few more Infernal Guard only because hobs are good at holding up monsters/small calv units but against things that are actually combat heavy they get demolished unless you take them in great size.