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Hi, I am Doogle. I introduced myself in the new member thread, but I also had a few questions to ask, so I decided to introduce myself again.
I recently picked up WHFB after about 4-5 years of 40k. When I picked it up a year ago, I chose to play my original love-Chaos.
Since then I have seen the Chaos Stuntie list, and now, obviously, I have chosen to give them a try. The main thing that attracted me to them was the conversion possibilities, as I am a conversion fanatic.
Anyways, I had just a few questions about CD before I start buying units and making lists.

This may sound dumb, but I have searched and searched, but could not find the answer. I have seen many people taking Arrer Boys into their CD lists, but according to the rules, it only says normal boys. Is this like, a house rule, or am I just missing something?

Sorry about my Noob questions, but me and a couple of my friends who are also new at this. Where I live there are no other CD players, so aside from posting here, I am pretty much paving the way here.

I have a few others that I will probably post the next few days, assuming I cannot find the answers after some diligent looking.


Hi Doogle,

I believe that the use of arrer boyz was confirmed in an old White Dwarf magazine, just don’t ask me which one :wink:

Btw, did you ever watch Father Ted on tv?

Hashut’s Blessing:

In father Ted, I believe it was spelt Dougal or Doogle. I can’t think which. As for the question, it isn’t N00bish in the slightest. In an old WD, it was stated that by goblins and orc boyz, it means common goblins, orc boyz and orc arrer boyz. Same limits apply to big uns as well. I believe that’s correct anyway.


Probably #253 would be guess for which issue regarding arrer boyz.


A scan of it is in [[Chaos Dwarf Resources]]



for easier access.

before playing the game i would read every bit of cornixt link, and print every shrub of info and put it in a file so your opponent can look at it


Thats the plan.
I just needed clarification is all. As I said, where I live there are no CD players, so I am paving the way for more hopefully. These little bits of info will go a long way.
And no, I have never seen Father Ted. I just randomly came up with the name. I use Doogle and another name for my gaming handles, and they tend to be used as my forum names also.
Also, I have a pretty decent grasp of the rules. The only rulebook I have is the little one that came with the BFSP set, so little rules like clipping, and probably a few others, I am not too familiar with.

Kera foehunter:

well wecome to the site. Well there no chaos dwarf player around where i live too thats why i went to the dark side.


There is a QandA as to how the move from RH to 6th ed O&G army book affected the CD list in the same UKWD as the designers notes. Somewhere between #251 and #253 (abreviation-tastic!)