[Archive] Nice looking mortar


hi guys,

just wondered if anyone has seen this from forgeworld.

Not the best earthshaker cus of the slim looking mortar but the great looking mortar base, might be a good start to put a fat mortar on it:0 or just to stratch build something like it.


Ishkur Cinderhat:

It is a bit too technological for the CD, but might work if you increase the diameter of the barrel a bit with green stuff.


I see no fancy technology on there, it has nothing that the Death Rocket doesn’t already have - nearly all of the design is just rivetted metal. Can someone point out which part of it is too technologically advanced? Remove the imperial symbol and its done.


I always though that would make a good earthshaker or death rocket. Twist it down a bit so the Chaos Dwarfs can reload, take of the eagle and add a few spiky bits and its done!


what i meant was something like this

or even getting rid of the slim barrel and putting something fat in their!


I really like the idea of using this model, I think it was posted before.