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Viskar Zhragoth:

Now this is probably his idea of a joke, but wouldn’t it be cool.


Viskar Zhragoth

And does it relate to Phils mutterings at Games Day, Willmark?


we can always hope… but lack of back up proof kinda sucks.

but we did have the knowing eyebrow raise that Willmark witnessed at Gamesday! :wink:


One can hope but to be honest I think we are the last book to come out (if it happens). That places us around 2010ish. Basd on what is still left for 7th edition.


I am fairly certain if we come out we will not be the last one in 7th ed.

They might space us somewhere between bretonnians, wood elves, ogres and tomb kings because of the cost.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, considering the person to bring it up has 9 posts and this idea crops up every 2 months (on average), I’m disinclined to read the rest of that thread. Personally, unless I hear it from GW, and even then I doubt I will entirely, I won’t concern myself with expectancy of an army book that isn’t likely to come out for some time. That’s my personal opinion, but as always, we live in hope, eh?

Kera foehunter:

wow that could be a cool movie H B

Chaos Dwarf - 5 A new hope


I think it is just because the Hellcannon is going to be a part of the army list, and not just a add from Archaon’s force…


I think Chaos Dwarfs might happen but only if everything falls into place. They will most likely be a self contained force as it seems that GW wants each army book to be independent of all others; hence the reason for the disappearance of DoW from a mention in each respective list.

I don’t know is this necessarily has to be a all or nothing as it is conceivable that chaos dwarfs could appear in the mortal list and eventually in our own.

Hellcannon and the fact that it has chaos dwarf crewman is a saving grace IMHO, the fact that it was/is such a great model may very well save us yet. think about it they could have added any type of crew to it…

Father Grumpmas:

I seriously doubt that, unless the Warhammer market picks up greatly and GW sees potential $$ signs, we will EVER come out. They are just not making enough money to risk a brand new range.

I know that makes me a negative bastard but I am happy to be teased, mocked and generally abused if they do produce a new book and figures to go with them.

I’ll just be happy to see the CD’s back :stuck_out_tongue:


I just hope that when they DO make a new book they will consult with us like they did with Druchii.net about the Dark Elfs.


I think GW and all i can think about is 4 years ago there were atleast 5 gw stores within 50 miles and 20+ hobby centers, all but 3 hobby clubs remain today. I really would like to see GW do better as i would love to see a new CD book.


I just hope that when they DO make a new book they will consult with us like they did with Druchii.net about the Dark Elfs.

This will never happen again. It only happened because GW and Gav by extension had a MAJOR "man-crush' on Dark Elves. Set a very bad precedent too IMHO.


Until I actually see Warhammer Armies: Chaos Dwarfs on shelves, I’m just going to stick to the current list. Still, I pray to Hashut that he may bestow his wisdom upon the designers and inspire them to create the book.


By all accounts there are plenty of fans of CDs still left on the design team. Its a matter of time and money thou…


While I’d love to see them sooner, I’d be content waiting until 2010 (or a series of ‘stable’ armies needing few to no new figures) then never see them at all. If we have to wait a couple more years, so be it. We’ve waited how long now? We, being Chaos Dwarf fans in general. I was only starting (historical) gaming in 1993 at age eight.

I also hope they do handle it like the Dark Elves… even if they don’t consult the Chaos Dwarf community, I’d like it the list was competitive, but not overpowered either.

I think they realize there is a decently sized community of fans, be it people who have (or converted) armies… or people who (can’t/won’t) convert/collect, but would love to play Chaos Dwarfs. Plus there is always that “Shiny new army! Me buy!” subset of gamers.


I don’t know it’s certainly a valid point. However be seems to have moved away from the modeling aspects of the game to a large degree.


i hate to be a downer. I think its a very good possibility that if they release cd’s it could be the in the same way they released kislev as an allied contingent splash release 4 years ago (which by the way they no longer sell models for) and possible overly expensive like the kislivtes were 12 us dollars for 3 models. Though the thought makes me sad it wouldent surprise me if this happens. Im still sad that the kislivites are gone especially now that they’re not even available in warmaster


We have discussed this thread numerous times but since there are many new people here it can’t hurt to revisit.

There are several schools of thought regarding the future of Chaos Dwarfs, many points and varying view points.

1) Chaos Dwarfs will be rolled into the existing Hordes of Chaos list as evidenced by the Hellcannon.

There are several points that make this unlikely to be honest. Hellcannon, sure it will be in I have no doubt. Its artillery, self contained and represents only a few models. Chaos Dwarfs as part of the list in core I rally don’t see it happening. Possible but I don’t think likely as this represents the way Chaos Dwarfs were in third edition: an ancillary to Chaos Warriors, GW usually goes forwards and rarely repeats itself.

Points in favor: the current “get you by” list is very stripped down and has numerous holes in it. Begs the question of whether Beasts of Chaos might fill some gaps? Doubtful thou as GW has shown the propensity for each army book to be a stand alone entity from here on out. Chaos Dwarfs? Maybe

2) They are never going to happen.

This is a possibility and obviously the worst case scenario. GW takes the stance that other then the Hellcannon they are a “background race” ala Nippon, Cathay, Ind, etc…

3) They get their own Army Book

Obviously the best case scenario. Goblins and orcs will be out IMHO. I can see Black Orcs (maybe) and hobgoblins surviving.

4) Create a list without Core Choices in a plastic regiment.

Goes against GW’s stance for 7th, but has obvious potential to some gamers. Many (especially me have maintained) that the models already exist for Chaos Dwarfs, all one has to do is buy from the Chaos and dwarf rages, plus orcs and goblins and one is in business.

Rules don’t sell models, they lead to the sales of models. GW would rather have models available for people to paint up and play with immediately, this cycle repeats itself endlessly as they hemorrhage gamers as time progresses.

GW is a business they are going to follow the money. However one the aspects that we have not explored is the current economic climate is that fact of resources. In terms of just how many customers do they have? Some have postulated that GW’s core demographic is kids… sure didn’t see that and Gamesday… but if we go with it look at it this way: Their pricing sure isn’t kid friendly. Parents are going to spend $50-60 US for plastic soldiers in today’s economy? So that brings us back to satisfying gamer need regardless of age. GW is fooling themselves if they think they are isolated from economic factors (like they have in their reports) indefinitely. My contention is that GW would be better served by meeting all needs rather then just focusing on the 9 year old gamer. Monetary pressure is going to make this a untenable position sooner or later for the afore mentioned reasons.

This gets me to; The parts already exist. Many others have noted this. Now a year later this might be even more attractive. you can get exiting gamers to invest in a new army when they might not have done otherwise.

Create rules for those that either don’t want the stock models or going to convert their own anyways. Provide the means to do so, articles, lists etc. In essence a second tier of army lists that don’t require a full book, but take advantage of the existing model lines.

In terms of Chaos Dwarfs GW has to let go of the notion of eBay being an issue, its not something they can solve anyways. Those that are going to use eBay are going to do so regardless. Example if someone likes hats, GW isn’t going to lure them back unless they make CDs with hats which will never happen again. Not having a lists is only going to exacerbate the situation. However if they had models that the gamer in question wanted, like Chaos Dwarfs. Shock maybe they would actually be bought. Give them the means to create the models they want. This however leads to a chicken and the egg situation… In short their is no easy answer and GW is going to antagonize their fans regardless of the decision they make. Hats are a forgone conclusion, CDs may be the same. This however is no ones fault but GW and their management over the last ten years.

So now you have a experienced gamer who has been let with an army they can’t use. There is no way said gamer is going to be positively predisposed to create a new army when they got left in the lurch. Thus coupled with the constant turnover of the “new” gamer GW loses a veteran gamer… which has more of an impact then most people realize.

The path that GW is going down has some pros but some cons as well. Pricing themselves out of the reach of any gamer because of their refusal to grow the gamer base (read their finical reports) is going to be their doom and their biggest con.

The other reality is the abject failure of Chaos Dwarfs in their 4th/5th edition incarnation. People can engage in whatever “mental gymnastics” they want to to point out that hats weren’t the problem (when in fact they were), but they failed for a reason. The most common explanation (and probably the right one) was the hats doomed them. Sorry, but its true for all the hat fans out there. Hats doomed them to ridicule and snorts of derision from many gamers (they still do). GW took such a shellacking finically that we are in the state that we are in now. Hence one of teh reasons they are so gun-shy now.

In closing this isn’t meant to be a downer, my contention in my time on this site has always been the same: I don’t think we are ever going to get a list, but my heart tells me different. So the best advice is to wait and see what develops. When it comes time to “Storm the Gates” we do it, now is not that time as GW is trying to get its finical ship in order with other issues of a higher order of magnitude, before undertaking new endeavors which is smart, I simply hope we don’t get lost in the shuffle.


Great run through Mark! :hat off

Thommy H:

point out that hats weren't the problem (when in fact they were)
You often say this, Willmark, but I see no evidence for it save your own opinion. Plenty of current Chaos Dwarf gamers like the big hats - enough for them to be in short supply on ebay anyway. I would estimate that the majority of the armies in the showcase forum are based on classic models, for example.

The Chaos Dwarfs of 4th and 5th edition didn't fail because of one single thing, clearly - it was a combination of them always being a niche army (they were introduced through White Dwarf), being on the periphery of events in the background and having a style that didn't tap into an obvious fantasy trope (Mesopotamian imagery doesn't show up often in fantasy). You could possibly summarise the last as "no one liked big hats", but it would be just that: a summary, and not at all reflective of the other factors.

I don't mean to start an argument, but you do keep saying it, and it just strikes me as very odd. The whole "big hat" debate is completely insane to me - how can the failure of an army be laid at the feet or something so nebulous and dependent on personal aesthetics, for which there is no strong evidence?