[Archive] night goblins for sale


hi all.

ive decided to part with my beloved night goblins due to lack of interest in them, plus lack of funds for other projects.

ive got a little over 2 skull pass worth of models, plus a handful of fanatics, a handful of netters and a metal NG shaman.

i think ive painted approx 30 Night goblins & a hero plus 2 fanatics & 2 netters so far, but they are only base coated so can be easily repainted to suit your own army.

im not sure what these will go for, but before i put them on vulturebay, i figured id let you guys know what i had available, as i know a lot of you will want to use night goblins for your hob-goblins.

if your interested, please email me at christopher.harker@gm.com and we can talk about it.

thanks guys


I am interested, i’ll send u an email