[Archive] Night Goblins


In the raving hoards list it says we can include goblins as special

unit does this include night gobbos and if it does can the have fanatics,I really need to know.



WD 251 clarified that the available special choices from the O&G book are:


0-1 Black Orcs

Common Goblins

Orcs Boyz

so no night goblins for you…

shame… netz are neat… but the 3 point archers would help alot…


true, even if they are short bows.

Pyro Stick:

I love Night goblins. Im trying to build a 3000 point Night Goblin army.


that would need a helluva lot of models:)

Pyro Stick:

I know. I tried ro write up an army list and i only got about 1500 points of an amry of night goblins. But that was before all the new models were realeased so it should be much easier now.

Traitor King:

If its the models you like, just feild them as hobs. Its not exactly un-fluffy, they’re slaves and why would the Chaos Dwarfs only have common goblins/hobgobs as slaves? (plus the stats are all fairly similar). All you would need to do is tell your oppenent what they are before hand.