[Archive] Nilbog's chaos dwarfs (LoA) 13/08/12


It’s about time I posted some pictures up…here are two wip models, both made from various bits I had lying around, hence total cost approximately £0.00. The first is an earthshaker, the second I’m not sure…possibly an iron daemon? although it’s a bit small for that, it does ok.

Cheers, any comments welcome.


Your Earthshaker is soooo cute! I also think the other war machine is too small for an Iron Daemon, but I guess it could work as one.

that guy:

I fail to see the problem.

I think they are a great use of materiels.


Can’t beat free models. Very good scratch builds without any sculpting.

The earthshaker needs a slightly longer barrel.


Thanks for the comments. Working on bolt throwers this weekend, should have them posted up by early next week.

I was wondering whether the earthshaker needed more, shall we say, length. Shouldn’t be too difficult too add more to it - thanks again.

that guy:

The earthshaker needs a slightly longer barrel.

I'm not so sure it needs a longer barrel.It depends on how the rest of the army looks.If the dwarfs are meant to be convincingly menacing, then yeah a little more length.But if they are gonna be more (for lack of a better word) comic and stylized in their anger, by wich I mean big noses and overly dramatic tusks and unrealisticlly big hats and that sort of thing then I think the proportions of the thing are good.imo


As promised (or threatened, depending on your point of view), here are two scratch built bolt throwers. I refuse to pay £12-£20 for 30 point models that very rarely hit anything, so again I’ve made them out of spare bits. These are mainly from sprue frames.

My hobgoblins saw how good the dark elf bolt thrower was and tried to build one themselves (the one on the left).


Some basecoated wolf riders. I think they may be oglah khan’s wolfboyz, but they do fine as hobgoblins.


I’ve not updated this in years…some infernal guard with sorcerer and bsb; destroyer; fireborn; infernal guard with fireglaives (sorry about the picture quality).


very imaginative army you building here, Im exited to see what you come up with next :smiley:


Magma cannons with their daemonsmith.



Also my complete army…although I’m currently working on a sorcerer on a taurus for 3000 point games…


Not bad conversions, pal


Cheers. I enjoy making my own stuff, even though I’m rubbish with green stuff.

I think i’ll try a cardboard iron daemon next…anybody got any suggestions?


Nice army shot and conversions.