[Archive] Ninth age trademark?


Random question, I notice over on Avatars of War Felix is referring to Ninth Age TM.

Is this is his own branding of this, or is that owned by someone else?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Do you mean the “Compatible with T9A” mark?


I don�?Tt believe any of it is trademarked, I think it�?Ts just a quick eye-guide thing to make you associate T9a with seller�?Ts models

Grimbold Blackhammer:

The T9A logo is trademarked.  AoW has permission to use it as a special license with us.
I’m still not 100% sure that’s what you’re referring to though


Rest assured that the Ninth Age does not lack for hefty amounts of lawyer’s volunteer work. :smiley:

Which is only right, given that everyone involved and their families must be secure legally.

T9A has a slew of supporting companies, among them Norba, MOM and AoW. And myself. T9A is in no way involved in these companies’ business doings and is at legal arm’s reach away from them, but will by request help announce their new fantasy battle relevant releases in a way with more outreach as long as complaints against any particular company’s conduct doesn’t pop up. Accepted supporting companies also get to use the Compatible with T9A logo if they wish. T9A can furthermore coordinate introductions of future new units with supporting companies, meaning they get a heads-up in case they want to produce models for the upcoming unit type, but are of course forbidden to spill the beans of T9A’s plans.

T9A is a community-driven project run by a committee of volunteer enthusiasts putting in massive amount of their spare time in order to produce wargaming rules and background. It’s the spiritual successor of Warhammer’s old historically based classic fantasy smörgåsbord setting, and obviously the direct heir of WHFB’s rank and flank type of wargame. Currently the wargame rules are tailored after tournament players rather than casual players, to many’s dismay, but things change. T9A is big, but it’s not a model company. Remember previous statements roughly to the effect that GW is into producing miniatures, not rules? Here’s one reaction, sparked by the End Times.

Modelling wise, it’s all decentralized. Anything goes. There are no strict model requirements, for minis are supposed to be representative. Forget the days when you couldn’t use non-GW models in your fantasy army, and likewise the days when Swordmaster miniatures couldn’t be used as White Lions at tournaments (both have great weapons, what’s the deal?). And likewise no problem fielding Chaos Dwarfs with crossbows as a flintlock handgun unit.