[Archive] NMM challenge anyone?


Rather than a full competition, I though it could be interesting to have people have a go at this advanced painting technique and record how they get on. Anyone interested?

Any mini, any manufacturer.

For those who don’t know what this is, NMM stands for non-metallic metallics; painting armour and gold etc without using metallic paints.

Then there is SENMM (sky-earth non metallic metallics), painting metals to such a shiny finish that they actually reflect the horizon. A chrome finish. I’m going to be having a go at this soon on a grey knight. So I will let you know how I get on.


so you want peolpe to paint any single miniature they like using some kind of NMM technique? Nothing to win, nothing to loose?

sounds great, count me in!

when is it going to start and until when?


I’ve never tried SENMM but my Bluebeards army is entirely painted NMM. I could post here my upcoming regiment of Hobgoblins all NMM.



Could be interesting :smiley:

- but I would rather we did a more general painting challange then just a NMM specific one. Theme could be NMM once and a while - but think that it should be open to other painting technics like OSL, feathering, wet blending, glowing effects (like eyes ;)) and painting specific elements that can be hard to get right - like fire, faces, metal oxydiation (and a lot more).


It starts right now, and ends in a few months. No deadline as such, this is not a proper competition. More a challenge to improve our skills.


Cool idea, I like it. Do you figure we should just post pics here as we go, and get feedback etc?


thats going to be fun :slight_smile:

I’ll have to decide what I’m going to paint. I’ll either do chrome SENMM on a shining spear (eldar 40 - by GW) or I will finally paint of of the Moscals test castings I received (by Scibor).

so, what will you guys paint?


if I can find a tut on how to paint NMM, then I will give it a go.


if I can find a tut on how to paint NMM, then I will  give it a go.

try these:

those are the best "for free" tutorials I could find.


I've never tried SENMM but my Bluebeards army is entirely painted NMM. I could post here my upcoming regiment of Hobgoblins all NMM.


scroll down and check out the space marine..


I like the idea always want to pic up some new techniques and such.

I am new here… but i would like to say that even if its an unofficial competition deadlines do help, that way someone isnt caught short, or others think “well, sheesh sure wish i knew i could have spent another week or so on that”.

What if people contributed slaves as a reward offering? entering for the pittance of a slave, and the winner taking the slave pool?

willing to give it a go… any mini, any theme… just the use of the NMM or SENMM.

I did check out that space marine link posted above… wasnt too impressed till i saw the back, thats some good work there, definately worth picking up that technique.

Kera foehunter:

if i only had guys with amour!! ( sad)


Kera, you can paint your dwarves with REALLY sweaty skin, so the sky and earth are reflected in their sweat sheened muscles…

Kera foehunter:

ooooooooooooooooooooh that’s just gross!!

i can even smell it now




Hey, I hope you guys did not forget about this…?

Anyway, here is my “entry”. Its not what I intended to do but what I had time for. Also the metal part is not very vivid.

enough talking, take a look for yourself:

(still need to improve the base)

Originally I wanted to enter this one, but I think I will need at least two more month before I can motivate myself to finish it…




That came out really well! The SENMM on the jetbike is very good.

Space marines are a good choice for this as you can pick and choose how much exposed metal you want (excluding gun).

I have not forgotten, but I have been entirely focused on updating my rules pdf with artwork and edits. I intend to spend june-september on my golden daemon entries. So I may squeeze a bit of NMM in there.

I am currently making an iron golem (battlerager) that would look very good painted as NMM.


Holy crap! That SENMM is fantastic! I was also thinking about this the other day. I did a Trollslayer with NMM last week, although it looks more like stone than anything else. I’ll post pictures shortly (ish).


I did forget, I have to see when I have time.

Kera foehunter:

i quit !! i can beat that!! but i see what i can do!!


A now current GW staffer showed me a awesome way of doing SENMM once ill see if I can replicate it …