[Archive] No big hat no mask dwarfs


I’m looking for something of the tusk variety. Like the CD next to the blunderbussiers in the CDO Logo thing above. Are tusks and the nose hard to convert from the normal dwarf warrior(not skull pass)


Not really. Take a look at issue # 1 & 5 of WOH for Abyss & Tjub’s tutorials on how to convert Chaos dwarfs.

Personally I like a lot Wahr’s dwarfs:


and Arashi’s (look at Arashi’s sorcerer in WOH#4).

Take a look on my bare faces:


Makin em is quite simple, make a ball of greenstuff (the “head”), slap a beard on it following one of the thousand tutorials here on the site, add the lips (a small sausage of greenstuff), moustaches (two cones), nose & teeth (again two cones!). Make two holes for the eyes and voilà, your done! Now you can add eyebows, hairs, jewels, scars, et cetera


thanks skink!

w3rm: do you want bare heads or helmet?


I have one or two bareheaded dwarves in my log. Tusks are a little fiddly, but with some patience, you should be fine.