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Well, that pretty much sums it up!

I have a bunch of Bull Centaur torsos on their way to me, but I have none of the ‘bull’ lower parts.

Anyone happen to have a spare (or several) lying around?



I have un bunch of left-hand side bull parts. If it can help U.


Hi, thanks for the reply!

Do you only have left hand sides, or do you have any spare right hand sides as well?


No, just 18 left hand sides…

Yeah… 18… o_O


I have a body off the whirlwind guy, not sure if i’m going to sell it, that any use? I don’t think they are of the same scale/size as the other models.


Hi Nitro,

I’m thinking of finding some legs (maybe orc legs?) and putting them on the bull centaur torsos I have to make some strange orge-ish not-so-stunty critter, or something. However, I’m not too sure what I’ll do with them if I can’t seem to find a pair of legs that works.

Thanks for the offer, though!


Might be worth a try giving a go with old empire horses, only advice from my experience, shorten the legs, makes it far easier to make them look proportional correct.


I think I may have spare half-bull centaur body(or 2). I am not sure which side/s I have. I will go through my pile of lead tonight and see what I have.


@zobo1942 plastic horse bodies work well with a dwarf upper torso.
kinda like this: