[Archive] no LA gamesday?


I just went to the US Games-Workshop site and went to the info about gamesday, and, only Chicago, Baltimore and Toronto are listed…so I guess that means there wont be an LA gamesday…which would be a real shame, cause I go there every year!!


You could be missing a year due to some kind of restructuring perhaps. Games Day Toronto 2005 (IIRC) was absent as well and the next one along came about 2-3 months early, from July/August to May.


if you go to dakkadakka, there was a discussion and Chris gogo Gohlingherst even stated why they were not doing the LA gamesday… I can’t remember it all so, take a look.


I know, Thorgar, I was planning on going too… :stuck_out_tongue:

still, I’ll probably order the awesome mini off Awesome-bay (well, sometimes not-too-awesome-bay…but you know what I mean)


Leave it to GW to cut the entire west coast out of the convention circuit…


They haven’t done that … IN fact the planning of new stores and other stuff is going to reinvigorate the west coast. LIke I said, go read the post, tossing bombs without knowledge is just not cool.