[Archive] NON CD need advice on how to



check out this site. I love some parts of the confrontation figs of the undead. I want to kinda make my vampire counts look like some parts of this. I have an army of vampire counts with 20 black knights. (um i bought 15 off ebay for 15 bucks plus 5 buck shipping a LONG time ago :slight_smile: ) then I converted 5 from mixes of bretonian, chaos, green stuff (very little) and tomb king knights.

Currently I have 20 non painted skeleton horses, JUST for my knights, knights are not attached to horses. I also have 15 more skeleton horses.

How would i go about making the horses have skin like falling off…

any ideas?


Applying very thin layers of green stuff over the top of the horses bones should be sufficient to create the illusion of skin falling off.

Have a look at the Scavengers of Acheron horsemen on the Rackham site to get an idea of what the horses should look like with their skin peeling off (if you can’t make them out clearly enough let me know and i’ll take some photos of my ones).