[Archive] Non CD. Paper Vehicles (IG sentinal I want)


Ok first off… Does anyone have a site for making a paper Imperial guard Sentinel, I want more, I only have 2.

Ok so earlier provided by starscream, here is an AMAZING link for all your needs when it comes to the following vehicles:


Space Marin: (also have chaos space marine of all these vehicles)

Attack Bike

Card Droppod

Droppod Markings

Land Speeder

Land Raider

Rhino 2 Preaditor Upgrade


Rhino MkIIc + Wirlwind Upgrade



Thunderhawk Gunship

Imperial Gaurd




Leman Russ


Imperial Navy

IG Gunship

Light Tactical Transport

Craftworld Eldar

Wave Serpant

Hover Tank

Leigo Titanius (thats right, warhounds)

Warhound Titan

Warhound Titan Revised (add on)

Sisters of Battle

A sisters of battle version of the rhino

And Tau




also there are soon to come on

Dark eldar and Orks

So… If you guys are like me, and really really broke, but you still want have forgeworld models, or very expensive tanks like baneblade, or if you just really dont want to spend 12 bucks for a scout bike, then this is the site for you.

I am currently working on a chimera and a leman russ tank. though they both are just really basic I have not added any of the optional stuff right now.


I have sentinel templates here. I have A LOT more than is on that site. gimme your email addy and i’ll send you the sentinel ones (I also have templates for the power lifter!).

Pyro Stick:

That is an awesome site. But it would be good if it had insturctions cause i cant really tell what some of the bits are meant to be and what you are supposed to use to make the tanks. Are you supposed to use plasticard?

@Starscream: Do you have any chaos vehicle templates?


lots of those files come with instructions.

for chaos wouldnt you just “chaosify” imperial vehicles?, I dont have templates for the defiler but I think I have everything else (including titans and super heavies). Just lemme know what you are specifically looking for.

Kera foehunter:

Wow this is so cool !!! i don’t even play 40 k

but i like to build stuff


Ok, here’s my bit - This site needs a yahoo ID but its well worth it. Some really good quality templates.



yeah I’m a member of that site Narflung, they have loadsa good stuff.

amazingly this was built from card too, i have the plans so i might try it

Hashut’s Blessing:

Mosk, it was posted somewhere else on the website, so I already had it saved to favourites, but good lad for posting it up still, particularly since you added in a detailed description of it. starscream, it’d be much appreciated if you could e-mail them to me as well, please. There should be an e-mail link to the bottom left of my post and, if not, it should be on my profile page.

Pyro, I’m quite sure you use plasticard, although it says carboard, so I can’t see any reason why cardboard wouldn’t work (maybe less durable though). As for Chaos vehicles, you have to add bits to make them look more Chaos-like and there are no defiler/soul-grinder pieces either.

Thanks, Narflung. I’m joining too :wink:

starscream, that IS amazing…