[Archive] Non-Chaos Dwarfs. Arise dead thread!


Yep, my first non Chaos Dwarfs commission blog.

I received a new commission from an Empire guy wanting me to paint his Altdorf imperial army (well a bunch of his +10,000 points army!!!).

He really appreciated Alan’s Chaos Dwarves http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=8475 so he wanted the same level of painting.

I really enjoyed this commission as he owns a lot of old oop miniatures and this is always a great fun for painters!

Let’s start with wips of militia men, regular plastics plus some old mordheim miniatures:

Burn baby, burn!

For Altdorf… and the pillage!

The girl is sooo scaring!

More pictures coming soon :slight_smile:


I too have an emipre army, which I have been collecting, since before I started collecting Chaos Dwarfs, so I personally would love to see more of this army. Thanks for sharing.


Great models and great paint jobs. Looking god, Bassman.

Looking forward following this one.


Cool, like the models. Mix of old and new or non GW?

Only thing is that I would want the blood on the butcher to be darker… :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Anyone else think that G.2 is an old version of the middle model int he first picture?


Tjub: yes, you’re right but those minis are already in the commissioner’s hands :slight_smile:

The painting level requested (and paid) was medium… not top notch… so some defects could pop out here and there… be tollerant :slight_smile:

More pictures for you.

The unit was completed and as you can see here I was commissioned with old fashioned goblin green bases! It was ages since I painted goblin green bases latest time… old times memories :s


love to see some good old goblin green, ahhh memories!

Great looking unit, VERY characterful.


Please tell me the little girl is the unit champion!

Great unit! Would love to see more of these guys!


Redhammer: the miniatures are not mine but yes, she is my favourite model and she should be the champion!

Now we have pics of the new unit: Sigmarite sisters.

Here you can see the test miniature compared to another great militiaman:

Hereinafter you can see Sigmarite sisters’ WIPs

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I like the sisters of sigmar, I always wanted to make a unit of flagellants from a Nunnery

but the models are pricey nowadays on eBay.


The Sigmarite Sisters’ unit complete:


very very characteristc… good work…


Priest of Ulrik:


i’ve always liked that mini.



Thank you!

The same guy that commissioned the imperial stuff asked me to paint some Skaven for his brother. It was supposed to be a Christmas present. This was not an easy task as it was my first time with Skaven and he wanted a good level of painting.

I was happy to know he asked me to paint a plague furnace and a siege tower converted into a screaming bell tower. I like to paint large warmachines and the plague furnace is a gorgeous miniature!

He asked me to customize the miniatures and blend better the tower to the Skaven.

This was quite a challenge but i’m really happy with the result.

Let’s start with the crewmen. As you can see some of them are stuck on plasticard shaped like a metal plate: that was my idea to blend them better to the screaming bell and the plague furnace and to let the commissione to place them wherever he prefers:

Hope you enjoy, warmachines are coming very soon! :slight_smile:


What are the skaven based on?


I told ya: plasticard, shaped and painted like a metal plate.

They were detached from their bases because the commisioner wanted me to stuck them to the warmachines. I had a better idea, stuck them to metal plates so he could place them wherever he wanted. When you will see the warmachines you will understand better my choice. :slight_smile:


Here is the siege tower on its way to be turned into a screaming bell tower:

Here I started to add details and paint rusted copper:



Oh thats very interesting indeed (:


Thank you!

More Skaven stuff, as you can see the tower is going to be rat-fied! :slight_smile:

The commisioner asked me to paint the script on the tower. It’s Italian and could be translated in “do not ask for whom the bell tolls, the bell tolls, tolls for you”. It could be Hemingway influenced but more probably Metallica influenced :wink:

This is an image I really like: