[Archive] Noob Dwarfs (reloaded)


I got a crappy treat for all of you to view, unfortunately I couldn’t get the lighting the way I wanted

thus forcing me to use the unholy flash on my camera so all the brightness is due to way over saturation

of colors and uber-ness of brightness. Please excuse me, and if you see any GS on the painted model I cannot

see it in real life at all, I was surprised. CC from any one, and excuse the quality.

CD From the front, deciding on using him as a walking hero for now.

from duh left…

From de right

And the back.

Comments, qustions and the forgiveness of poor pictures is welcome… I need to base him so I figured he is still Wip

and able to be in the conversion section, I need ideas on a good base for the laddie. Help for that would be lovely.

2017 Image Salvage

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like the rope-ish thread of the scale-mail, the puch at the back and the now-painted hammer. When I saw the green of that weapon, it just looked weird, now it looks cool! (Which is the way round ya want it to be!)


First time to ever touch green stuff in my wargaming career of four years, unfortunately the green stuff showes in the picture, its undectable in real life. Its annoying to see the stuff and pains me, but alas I’ll get over it as again its not visable in real life due to the size. For every one who looks at my models I would like you to post what you like and don’t like about the models themselves so I can get better, be honest and all things will go well. Thanks for looking!


Definitely a good first effort. But more care is needed in the mask region, the detail is jumbled and hard to make out. My best tip for using Green Stuff is that you need a lot less of it than you think. Thin layers are the best. You can always build on top of thin layers.


Bet your greenstuff work gets better ,i noticed with my pics that mistakes show up i cant see with the eye washes help in removing them tho