[Archive] Not exactly CDs but stunty none the less


So after many years of not playing, i played again. I went to my local GW store to play a 1k battle vs store staff to learn whats new in 8th compared to 6th when i last played. The store was busy and the staff Mitch suggested i play a guy (Brendon) who was painting his OK army (of all armies to make a comeback against… :bad: ).

The OK general understood that i was new and i asked him to correct any mistakes i made and he was more than happy to. We had to play on a 40k table as the other 4 tables were occupied. i had a great corner which was a hill and only access was a road from his side along the table edge and then a ramp/road perpendicular to the edge. Big advantage for my army.

I took a boring army as i wanted to see as many units in action to learn how they’re used now

Master engineer - general


26 GW warriors - full command

12 thunderers (wanted to see what two rank shooting was like) musician



organ gun

Ogre Kingdom

lvl3 Butcher

7 iron guts

8 bulls

2 rhinox

His rhinox came along the table edge and charged my warriors second turn. They were two wounds down from some shooting but my organ gun blew up the very first time i tried to use it…

The rhinox were dispatched turn three but i suffered 12 causalities, and his other two units were getting closer…

My dice were “I Swear too much”, but whoa and behold, the butcher and iron guts declared a charge up the ramp and rolled snake eyes… 4 inches short of my warriors. for some reason he kept parking his bulls behind the iron guts and my grudgethrower was plugging away 2-4 wounds per turn.

I CHARGED… my god, i cannot remember if my dwarfs have ever charged anything, won combat by 5 and the iron guts fled. I pursued and charged into the bulls. i beat the bulls, caught them and next turn declared a charge on the remaining 2 iron guts and butcher…

I believe this was a decisive victory as i only lost my organ gun and 18 warriors. Mind you, i didn’t even ask (nor think about asking) to learn how battles are decided now… My opponent was great which made my afternoon/comeback so much better.

thanks for reading guys