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I’ve notived alot of people use minis from all over the place making their conversions.

I’m just curious how much grief and have you had? Also have ever been not allowed to use a model for not being GW made?


I use loads of non-GW models and conversions and i’ve never had any problems. Actually, people often ask me what they are and where they can buy them from.

Frankly, if someone ever gave me grief about using using non-GW models i’d tell them exactly where they could go.

Father Grumpmas:

What Wallacer said :hat off

I have only ever played in one offical GT where non-GW figures were supposingly banned. The guy who came second had a brilliant roman themed Tomb Kings army but it had a Grenadier undead mammoth in it and most of the skeletons had sheilds and helmets from other companies.

I got the impression that he was allowed this because he was well known to the organisers and that other people who were less ‘matey’ pobably would have had problems. I was certainly told that using Heroquest minis woukl be problematical as they are Milton-Bradley figures, not GW.


I almost never play instore or at tournys so its not a prob for me.

I love looking across the table and seeing unusual minis from all different companies. Sure GW want us all to have the same cookie-cutter GW armies but that gets stale.

One of the best things I did was start loking at other companies, theres so much good stuff out there, it keeps it fresh. Dont get me wrong, I buy GW too but if I see a mini I like I’ll get it.

Best example is my Chaos army, I have a Heresy Netherlord there cos I far prefer it to any of GWs greater daemons. I wasnt keen on centagors but like the idea of centaurs so I have a unit of those beautiful rackham celtic ones.

I often buy from Black Tree Design, my marauders use one of their mammoths and my Praetorian Guard are based on their Zulu Wars range.

I have no probs with a GW store not wanting other minis there, the whole point of having games there is to promote sales, but the rest of us need not be blinkered.

Uzkul Werit:

I have nowhere else to play other than GW, so my armies are mostly GW minis. My Great Unclean One is mainly non GW bits but I tend to either not use him at all in stores or in the gaming bunkers, where the staff rarely check.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

if i get one and some one tells me i can’t use it i’ll say it a conversion