[Archive] Nothing to see here... New thread with proper picts up


Had some trouble getting the hosting for this…  Please let me know if this does not work.


I know the bases are tragically out of date. I could use some ideas.  

And yes the models need touching up and updating but here they are…

This is the 3K list I use most often worth of models (Black orcs got left at home by accident)…

I guess that means more later…


Hmm you might want to consider putting these on photobucket.com or the like. its free and doesn’t seem to restrict access as the site you are using does…

Cool pictures thou!


Will do as soon as internet access resumes in our new place… Maybe later today…


Viskar Zhragoth:

Looks like a nice old big hat army…just a question or two…

How long have you played them? When did you first get them?

Agree you should do something about the basing…typical around here is rugged mountain like stuff, barren brown/dead grasses, or lava formations and “spills”. Those tend to suit the CD army, especially the new look ones?

Thanks, looks great, hope you get to play them often!


Old school! Good old green bases :rolleyes:

I prefer new, darker style, but it’s good to see a big collection of 90s Chaos Dwarfs.

Like Viskar I’m curious to know the history of these little buggers, how old is this army? Did you played a lot? Let us know… :smiley:


Well… They were the chaos dwarf blunderbusses used in the General’s Comp. a few years back… They were mine by then…

This army started life as the US GW Studio Chaos Dwarf army. It was small and used for promo events (like gamesday and battle tours and the like). It was retired rather early in its life and was given to me by the promo department in acknowledgement of past sins. Since then I have repainted parts of models and in some cases completely repainted units.

That is only part of the army. The rest is an equalish sized army I bought from a co-worker who was going to throw them out. They were rush painted and very sad little buggers. I have stripped and repainted lots of those models and have been using them to pad out existing units and make new ones… There are piles of those yet to do.

I have added a few of my own brand new additions to the army recently… Black orcs, a new unit of warriors to use as immortals, two more bolt throwers… etc… that will be on display soon.

The army has won best painted in several tournies ( a few GW staff events, and a few indipendent tournies)…


Sounds great looks liek a cool army from what I can see and a pretty interesting story as well.


It really does look much more impressive in person…

I am hoping to get a battle report together with it this weekend…

Here’s to hoping that I don’t loose! :slight_smile: