[Archive] Nurgle Chaos marines


These are a couple of Chaos Marines I made years ago using mostly plastic parts and milliput. Sorry the pics aren’t the best, you know the problems - camera/scaling/lack of skill.

The paint job was made as slimy as possible, but is still fairly controlled.


And a marine with a slug lower half. It was my intention to use these as chosen or possibly possessed, but I never finished the squads.



not bad, they look like they are covered in tar and suitably disgusting! although, the longer base for mr.slug might be a wee bit of a disadvantage in game terms. either way, they look good!


the slug dude is a cool idea tho

what about 1 as a snail?


The photos are a bit dark and the detail looks lost in the paint from what I can see. The slug guy is a very cool idea though.