[Archive] Nurgle 'counts as' Daemons




This one will have a plague bearer converted to ride it, with claws for hands. This model will be part of a unit of ‘counts as’ pleasure seekers (plague seekers).

He needs some antennae added. I’ll do a tutorial for the next one.


:o That’s awesome! Me likey, a lot! (not that I’m biased or anything…)

Great sculpting, great paint job (on the hound)… Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff:hat off

What are those wings of the Plague Seeker made of? Might just have to nick that idea:)

Knight Of Awsome:

wow! awesome nurgle stuff and i thought i could rival some of your sculpted modles… (My newly redesigned CD models)


Must resist urge to break down and cry

Everyone is so good at sculpting here, i feel greatly sad now and am ashamed of my own work

great deamons though


Wowwwww, everyone is doing so many awsome nurgle armies…I don’t think i can resist not doing one myself for much longer…


Its so hard!

I don’t think i can take it much longer…


When I do the tutorial you will see that its really not that hard to make at all.  It looks impressive, but for  a fairly large model the sculpting time and effort is very low because of a ‘new’ sculpting technique I’ve developed.

Here it is…  

Cover any areas on the model you want to have ‘nurgle skin’ with a layer of greenstuff, that is any large expanses of areas that should look blistered/ decayed/ generally textured and unpleasant (as they should be).  Make sure any other greenstuff parts of the model are hard.

Next you take a fairly large piece of baking foil and scrunch it up a bit.  Don’t scrunch it too small or it will rip apart as you try and open it!

Make the parts of the model with fresh greenstuff wet and simply squeeze the foil onto it.  Lift and repeat as necessary whilst its still wet.

You can then touch it up in places with a sculpting tool to add rips, boils, sagging skin etc.  Or just add small maggots/ boils/ sagging skin after its dried.

Easy!  I did all the textured areas on this fly in about a minute after applying a layer of greenstuff.  It gives that rough texture you need for large areas of bare nurgle daemonic skin.  You can see this as well on the hound, which took all of 5 seconds.


Its just see through plastic about 1.5mm.  Cut with scissors, bevelled a little on the edges to make them seem thinner and some gentle scratches with a craft knife for detail.


Badass painting too.


omg i love the waspy thing i carnt wait to see it with its rider and when its painted

Kera foehunter:

great job grims!! the wolves will be cool so will the giant bug thing .


very nice love the fly


Having repainted the fly about 3 times now I’m really struggling to come up with a paint scheme I like…  Any ideas?

I’ve done; mainly catachan highlighted to rotting flesh, dark angels highlighted to goblin green and a version based on green/ brown sections.

Should I just paint it like the flesh hound?

I’ve added the antennae, some tendril things next to the mouth, and some static grass hair on antennae and patches on abdomen.


I was thinking of doing the same thing, Counts As daemons so you can have the diversity of the list, and also a single God.

Glad to see you are leading the charge, Grim. :slight_smile:


Its runny really, many people I talk to haven’t even considered ‘counts as’. Those that have are put off simply because they lack inspiration.


Must resist urge to break down and cry

Everyone is so good at sculpting here, i feel greatly sad now and am ashamed of my own work

great deamons though

I felt the same at first. There's no need to be ashamed of your work whatever level it is at. It just means you have more fun stuff to learn and plenty of guidance to help you learn it!

Great stuff Grim. You could do smaller versions of the plagueseeker mount as furies


Here you go, a sweet nurgle-y demon for you:


Well, for the fly i would paint the abdomen like this:

And for the body, i would do a light brown, with maybe a large nurgle symbol on the back of the thorax (middle section) in bleached bone

Kera foehunter:

wow, those are nasty !!!


Wowwwww, everyone is doing so many awsome nurgle armies...I don't think

don't worry I gonna make a slaanesh count as army, I already have some slaanesh deamons

Hashut’s Blessing:

Attempted inking those wings? that may look quite cool.


Christ, I was seriously considering that guy till I realised they wanted $70!!