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I do like Nurgle, and I like Nurgle Demons (fluff wise) more then Mortals… and I don’t like Beastmen.

I’ll be playing a fluffier Nurgle demon list.

Working on a custom herald. I’ll post pics of Nurglings soon.


Big front part for a Nugle Palanquin I’m assuming?



Back is ‘flat’ for Herald on base to be placed when I want the mount.

Kera foehunter:

nice swiss love your nurgles


Top work, can’t wait to see the palanquin


I did a little touch up on this since I snapped the pic…

I might add the above slime effect between the Nurglings.


I think it would look better with a few more nurglings. Overall though I like your colour scheme, particularly the purple tones. I’d also make the unit a model wider.


Hashut’s Blessing:

Ingenious way of making new Nurglings :wink: Might have to steal that idea :smiley:

Overall, looking good so far. I agree with GSF that some more Nurglings for the palanquin would improve it. Maybe leering out of the slime…

What did you use for the palanquin itself? Is it an orc boar chariot with elongated flooring?

Kera foehunter:

Look nice swiss love the new skellies as nurgle

love your choice of glue!!!


Plague bird.

I probably will put more Nurglings with the Palanquin.

Beneath the Palanquin I did the slime effect again, making it look like there’s something growing on the bottom of it.



They army looks great. I see that you have chosen the poopy style of Nurgle, of which I am also a fan. The next nurgle army I make will be poop themed also.


The army is looking nice :hat off

Glad to hear that you are going for single God list - looking forward seeing more.

Keep it up!


Clam: Thanks! I’m a big fan of mono-god lists personally. Plus, Nurgle makes me laugh. On so many levels. I’ll enjoy playing them.

I’m going to be improving the basing here soon, thanks to advice from one my fellow Wisconsinites.

Here’s what I’m thinking for the list and such:

I’m trying to follow the philosophy “Tough, but not being a jerk”.

I also want to run a fairly fluffy Nurgle list. Thanks to some advice, I made a few changes since the last time I tinkered with the list… but I’ll still paint up some furies and beasts (using the old Nurgle Spawn) so I can swap things out. I’ve also swapped out the Demon Prince for a GUO.

I’ve also strived to use 7 (or multiples of 7) to make the list fit the Nurgle theme, seeing as 7 is Nurgle’s number.

Great Unclean One

Level 4, General.

Nurgling Infestation (I find this demon power hilarious, fluffy, and effective so I insist that I must take this power for my Nurgle… I just feel it isn’t Nurgle enough for me without it)

Noxious Vapours

Herald of Nurgle

BSB, Lvl 1, Palanquin

Noxious Vapours

Nurgle’s Rot

21 Plaguebearers

FC, Standard of Seeping Decay

Herald of Nurgle

Lvl 1, Palanquin

Noxious Vapours

Nurgle’s Rot

21 Plaguebearers

FC, Standard of Seeping Decay

14 Plaguebearers

Musician, Champion

3 Nurglings

4 Nurglings

Kera foehunter:

wow your doing well with your creepy nulrgles great paint job!


Wow, they look great. I love your pain job, and the lord. ( :Idea What if you took a group of Empire Solders and added a bit of greenstuff, making unique looking plague bearers?) About the only time ive used Nurgle is with Battle Martch(Xbox360)

Dose anyone play Warhammer Online? Im on the Vortex Server, running around as a Sword Master named “Aelita”


HB: Sorry I missed your question, my bad.

What I did for the Palanquin was as follows.

I took a metal base (like I’ve used for allowing the use of magnetic movement trays). I then took extra pieces from an Orc chariot… I trimmed the piece I’m using as the front (it’s the bit with the pole, though I thought of keeping it for a wound marker). I did the slime effect inside.

It’s a fairly easy to do conversion. Plus you don’t have to completely ruin a good boar chariot either.

I will be adding more Nurglings for the Palanquin, that seems to have been a common comment, so expect an update on that soon.


You might want to playtest with the icon of eternal virulence. I know the PB can struggle to win through static CR, even with the heralds.

Not sure if you can squeeze 25 points from somewhere, but I would swap noxious vapours for trappings of nurgle. Better all round protection.

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Hmm, a fellow daemon player. I like the look of the theme and I hope one day I have a Nurgle army. But for now it is all Tzeentch.