[Archive] nurgle dwarfs?

braid beard:

over the past week, (in australia) i was thinking. what do i like more than chaos dwarfs… hmm… NURGLE! what would i like more than nurgle…

NURGLE DWARFIES!!! should i pursue? i will post some pics if i do.

tell me what you think, Braid.

\:hat:hat off:D:hat off:hat


although personally i wouldn’t claim to prefer nurgle over my lovely tall-hatted assyrian dwarfs, i must say i had similar ideas on a few occasions in the last few years, but due to lack of modeling skills decided against trying… would love to see some well executed nurgle dwarfs, and i suppose the theme would fit well with the tamurkhan-list!

Ghrask Dragh:

Stay tuned…

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Pyro Stick:

This guys chaos dwarf models are pretty nurgley


braid beard:

thx guys, i might be gettin some more GS tommorow and i can start :smiley:

should i scratch sculpt? i do have some BFSP dudes just chillin under my bed if that where to help?


Franarcilla did a nurgle dwarf for his bloodbowl team=


( 0016 ) Its a fantastic mini I own one myself, so I say go for it nurgle dwarfs ahoy!

braid beard:

wo, that dwarf looks awsome! i was thinkin all scenic and stuff and he has spines and bones sticking out his back and hes trying to pull his mask off but theres like stringy flesh connecting his face to the mask and the mask is like screaming.

just a idea.


braid beard:


instead of gettin like the standard 3 inch (or so) amount of GS from GW i went on ebay and found…


im gonna be sculptin for ages, but its coming some time this week.

if someone could tell me how to upload images from my “pictures” folder i will make a new thread in conversions and put a link here. thanks all, Braid.


You need to upload them to an image hosting site, like photobucket or imageshack. They will then supply forum code for the links.

braid beard:

thanks, i got some here


but im gonna do some more when my GS comes in :smiley:

it will be here soon.

thanks, Braid.


nice sculpt, keep up the good work! :hat off

braid beard:

thx :smiley:

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braid beard:

ok, i will no longer be posting in this thread but here is the link to my other one,

please use this one instead.


many thanks, Braid.


Or failing to sculpt any greenstuff additions you could leave some fine cast dwarves out in the sun :wink: greatest of luck !!! Keep us updated :smiley:


I think “nurgle dwarf” should be our slang for those gutwrenching, eye-sore, stomach turning, spew-on worthy goody two shoes cousins of ours