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Groovy cheetah:

srry if i have put this in the wrong place but i am new any way would a chaos dwarf army detected to nurgle be appropriate


Personally, I dont see it. I see CDs as stubborn as their western cousins, and I dont see them turning their back on Hashut so easily. But that doesnt really matter, Im not going to sit here and tell you why I wouldnt do it. It is your army after all.

I suppose if it were a small group of CDs that have spent a tad too long in the northern wastes, or have been dealing with more of Nurgle’s worshippers than they should, I could buy into that. Its all up to you really, it would certainly open up to some different conversion possibilities.

If you go forward with this idea, I would be interested in seeing what you come up with…

Groovy cheetah:

i am thinking about it but some of the normal chaos dwarfs are drawing me in. I have already thought of a color scheme grey and chaos black

i have made 1 nurgle chaos dwarf he would be some kind of hero. He has different colors of green a black beard.Rotten skin with a pimple on his face.a shield and a great axe which has a skull on top. On his back he has a BFSP (battle for skull pace) tinpot that i made a big rusty Pot/barrel type thing and inside it is blood,mucus along with some dwarf limbs. Srry no pics


i say sure why not

hes one of the big four and anyone can fall to the temptations of the big four

Groovy cheetah:

bad news my nurgle dwarf was found by my sister she broke the pot and i think i will go with normal chaos dwarfs for now i will use post as cenary and the hero will become a avrage CD warrior with great weapon.


theres no reason why chaos dwarfs could not worship the chaos gods, the way i see it is there could have been dwarf holds like kazad dum in the now chaos wastes, which fell to chaos and the dwarfs turned to worshiping them never having seen an eastern chaos dwarf in thier lives

in the 3rd edition background they say about some of the northern communitys turning to chaos exspecialy the norse dwarfs

Ishkur Cinderhat:

No way IMO. Everything the CD do comes from their worship of Hashut. Use another patron god instead and they are not the Chaos Dwarfs we know.


Hi i cant remember who it is but someone on the site is styling there Chaos Dwarves with a nurgle slant .His fluff has them being cut off in the north :exclamation: Cant remember who it was sorry:hat


Any journey a warband makes through the chaos wastes will have temptations from all the four major powers, whether they originally worshipped hashut, grungi or even sigmar, they all fall under the eyes of chaos.


You could think about this in a different way…

We know very little about the various facets of the religion of Hashut.  It could be that there are CD in a cult who revel in the degradation of the natural order of things.  They see destruction and corruption as morally right, things that they would apply to their own bodies as well.

So they might not be gloating in pestilence, or infecting people with new diseases.  But they would be the CD equivalent of Nurgle followers. They would be ‘diseased’ as part of their religion.  

Another way of looking at this would be the CD equivalent of Clan Pestilens.

The problem with directly applying ‘Nurgle’ brings with it the assumption that they have left the CD mainstream and given their souls to Nurgle.  Which would be possible, but would mean they would probably be hunted down by the Hashut followers as heretics.  Hmm… idea for a CD Inquisitor…


I haven’t fleshed it out fully, but the fluff for my army is going to be along the lines that they deal with Nurgle so frequently that they have started to be influenced by him.

They still worship Hashut, but after hanging out with my Mortal Nurgle army, and after binding so many Nurgle deamons, not only do thy prefer to work with the Grandfather, and do so exclusively, but they are starting to show this.

So basically they worship Hashut, but play with nurgle :hat


would it be possible for the Warband to be worshipping Papa Nurgle accidently, by worshipping what they believe to be a new aspect of Hashut. Similar to how we originally treated Hashut.


I think the warband of Lothar Bubonicus in the old Slaves to Darkness book (or possibly the Lost and the Damned) had some Chaos Dwarfs in it (including a picture of said Dwarfs), so it is certainly possible.

Go with whatever interests you. If other people don’t like it then who cares?


Not if you’re using dawi’zhaar. However if they’re just plain Dwarfs of Chaos then its fine

Kera foehunter:

Great idea!! so get cracking and the wips too.

Groovy cheetah:

wow i love debates go on people. u do realize that they could of been normal dwarfs that were corrupted and mutated. In a way they would still be called chaos dwarfs.


i dont see why followers of hashut cant be tempted by nurgle in the same way skaven horned rat followers are converted into plague monks etc. also its not like highe ranking lords and sorcerers wont have there wills pulled this way and that over the gifts other gods are offering them.

i think its perfectly fine for chaos dwarves to worship nurgle, and also fine for ‘regular’ dwarves to worship nurgle, turning them into chaos dwarves.


A nurgle-themed chaos dwarf army could look very cool indeed, imagine all the slimy beards.

Rusty, disease-ridden colours would work well with the models too.

Dwarfs are already tough, how tough would a Nurgle dwarf be?! :o

Groovy cheetah:

i do not know but they would be stinky


Cult of Nurgle at best. Or a Norse Dwarf Clan of Nurgle Followers perhaps.

Not strictly Chaos Dwarfs per se. :stuck_out_tongue: