[Archive] Nurgly flesh?


I need some help working on sculpting some deseased looking ogres for my Nurgle army. I’m looking at the Plague Ogryns for inspiration, but does anyone know any good techniques for sculpting dead-looking flesh?


I was working on this guy a while ago;

I know the pic is a bit dark, I’ll try to take a better one soon.

What I’ve learned is that you’ll have work in a lot of layers to get a good result. So, first the basic shape with depth carved/sculpted in, then add layers as you go with overlapping flaps and add bubboes etc…

This was my first go at sculpting so I know it’s far from perfect…

Hope it helps a bit.



I have developed the perfect way to do a base level of texture over large areas:

Basically you scrunch up some baking foil, unfold it then repeatedly press it into the layer of greenstuff.  Make sure the greenstuff or the foil is damp (very important).

Very soon you will have some diseased looking skin.  Fiddle with a sculpting tool where necessary, then when it’s dry come back in and do some boils breaking through and flabs of flesh.

Incidently this also works on nurgle cloaks if you don’t press it quite so much.