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If you take O&G units from “See entries in the Orc and Goblin list” do they really get all of the options allowed to those unit types from the O&G rulebook?

Can a unit of Black Orcs (or Big’Uns) take a magic banner? Can that banner be from the O&G magic item list, or is it limited to the CD banners? (AB lets you take O&G banners - but I think that is a mistake).

Can you make Orcs Big’Uns? If they get the full entry I would assume so, but it seems odd fluff-wise and list-wise.

Do you use the normal CD (old-style) Animosty for O&Gs that you use for Hobogoblins, or do they get the better Animosty chart from the O&G book?


Well reading: http://gt.us.games-workshop.com/Rules/assets/warhammer/chaosdwarf_gt_faq.pdf

I got a few answers- Black orcs can not take magic banners, but it doesn’t mention Big 'Uns. I would assume that the omission of Big 'Uns mentioned in regards to a magic banner actually mean the CDs should not be able to use Big 'Uns.

Hobgoblins and O&G use the new Animosty chart (woohoo).


Wiki-attack!: [[Chaos Dwarf Resources]] for FAQs

Also read the page on the [[US-GT rules]]