[Archive] Obelisk Released by Carcearion


Order yours here! Perfect terrain ornaments. Oh, and unit fillers, too.

The base size is 35x35mm so it would fit on a 40mm base and give a smig of extra room.

To list the prices here:

One Obelisk �?" 7.00$

Two Obelisk �?" 11.00$

Four Obelisk �?" 20.00$

Six Obelisk �?" 27.00$


United States �?" 8$

International Shipping �?" 14.50$

I can drop off locally to my fellow Cascadians for free at Rainy Day Games (Hillsboro) and Guardian Games (Portland) by arrangement (as soon as next weekend, this weekend is my anniversary though).

Anyone who is interested in ordering please PM me your shipping address and how many you would like!


I’ve got mine ordered