[Archive] Obsidian's classic Chaos Dwarfs! (warning pic heavy!)


Okay, finally came around to take some pics. The lighting wasn’t great so I hope the pics came out allright…

Painted about ten-ish years ago and most were speedpainted as I needed to finish them all in about three days for the Dutch Grand tournament where they finished in respectable 48 place out of a 107!

So here we go with the piccies!:cheers


Warriors. (bronze)

Warriors. (silver with shields)

Warriors. (silver, no shields)

Boar Centaurs. (wacky quick conversions!)

Blunderbusses. (converted crossbowmen, scratchbuilt Blunders)

Earthshaker. (old mortar)

I think I’ve got them all. I also wanted to take an army shot but the lighting did not allow that any more unfortunatly!

I might go back on them someday but at the moment I am more interested in making a new Chaos Dwarf army to the style seen on this wonderful boards. (mask/Hellcannon crew like…)

So, whadya think?:cheers


Amazing! Quite a collection indeed! Thanks for posting this! Any idea how many points this would all be?


I played with the entire army in the GT and back then that was 2000 points.:smiley:


beautiful army, gota love the bazuka models


wow, I like that army

2000 points of chaos dwarfs

can’t wait to see the new army


OH YEAAAAAH!! they are lovely if you dont mind i might steal the idea of using bigarm for my standard . Great army the boar centaurs are very 3rd ed i like it:hat

Good luck with the new style army

Kera foehunter:

great army .Super nice paint job


Colours are just gorgeous. As if they wernt evil enough !!!

1 slave


Nice collection, 2,00opts of old 3rd ed models, I’m quite jealous. Really good idea with the banner.

Pyro Stick:

Nice collection of Marauders you have there and those crossbowmen conversions are cool. You have the last few marauders that i need to finish my collection as well.


Awesome job of old school Marauders and even older minis ya got there!


Thanks all for the kind replies.

As far as I know I am still missing about ten or so classic Chaos Dwarfs. Some are even so rare that when I show people the pics, (including the then GW factory manager!) they go; I didn’t even kew that one!

@Canix: go right ahead mate! :cheers:


nice collection.


Awesome, you’ve done a lovely job with subtle converting and modern painting whilst staying true to the classic miniatures


The centre dwarf in the 14th picture doesn’t have a beard!


You don’t know that, it might be under his armour! :stuck_out_tongue:


Still, he must have shaved some parts of his face. Alternatively he was born without hair.


WOW! how could I have missed this thread?? Thats quite a collection you got there - and you really did them justice - friend :hat off

So nice to see some real classic CDs - and this should really inspire me to start painting my own.

What are those Blunderbusses you gave the crossbowmen?? - Scratch build or …?

And I would really like to see more of those Boar Centaur conversions - the picture is a bit to dark to actually see the converion job!


Thanks Clam!

I scratch built the Blundies, I might still have the mould somewhere. If anyone is interested in some copies then lemme know.


Now this is just what I was looking for, that´s the look I want for my army, how old are those minis (& is there any chance of converting skullpass dwarfs to even resemble them)??