[Archive] Ogres with Chaos Dwarf Beards


Hi all,

I’m wondering what each of your opinions are on Ogres in a Chaos Dwarf army - more specifically what should they look like?

I am building some LeadBelchers, and wonder what you guys think about Ogres with Chaos Dwarf Beards (made with Greenstuff obviously).

I know some of you use Ogres as Slaves - do you use chains? I see them more like Hobgoblins - willing slaves who don’t need chains for signify their servitude - as long as some Chaos Dwarves are nearby…

So what do you think?


tbh leave them be, more chaos dwarf you make them the less suited they become,

being lead belchers is enough for fluff’s sake, they gotta earn there guns somehow


The Ogre Stronghold(an OK site) has some Ogres modelled as large Chaos dwarves. Even one as Astragoth wit his mechanical stilts!!!

Kera foehunter:

I like the idea .There are post here that show ogre as chaos dwarfs! Blood axes is right the ogre stronghold has a lot of ogre idea it worth checking out

Pyro Stick:


Kera foehunter:

Wow pyro you have a little pirate in you taken this from other web site .*Kera chuckels

great post thow i have to steal the idea to make thing right!!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

If I were to include Ogres into my CD army, I’d certainly sculpt curly beards for them. Seeing that Ogre Maneaters so easily adopt the styles of their employers (see the Ninja Ogre, or Arab Ogre).


WOW, I think Tall hat just died and went to “Tallhat Heaven” got to be the only reason why he hasn’t been seen around these parts lately.