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Do allll the things that you wouldnt be able to do in a relationship, go out on those lads nights, stay up all night watching the Star Wars films, spend all your money on Warhammer, and most importantly… leave those toilet seats open!


well me and jessie have decided to stay friends

well, a little “more” than friends


well i don’t have money to spend all of on warhammer

and i already stay up all night watching starwars, so did she

she invites me over to do that

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s obviously a shame that you two have split up. However much it hurts now, you’ll get over it after some time. Become stronger. I’ve not had a lass as my fiancee yet, but there have always been plans for marriage in my past three relationships (including my current one). It may prove to be better that you have split now because it shows she wasn’t the corrrect one. I hope the “something more than friends” works out, but be wary of it making life more difficult. It’s possible it’ll be more difficult in the long run. Still, you have us lot, your mates, which you can see more often now, you have chaos dwarfs to do, you can concentrate on studies more, you will have less stress than before (singledom is less stressful) and I’ve forgotten what else I was going to say.

Regardless, you have people there for you, you have more options now and the like.

(P.S. As to distances, it’s not a problem if you trsut and truly love each other. My girlfriend and I started going out in December 2006 and by April, we’d decided that we could work with me going to university 230miles away [268km] and we’re still going strong.)


Well, good news. The only reason she left me was because due to the fact that she’s 17 still her gaurdians have a say in who she dates, and they were kinda mad when they found out that we were engaged so they said no.

On her next birthday we’ll officialy be back together(though that’s in almost a year)

Hashut’s Blessing:

So, you’re effectively still going out, just not officially because of her parents? Well, that’s good to hear (not the disapproving parents, obviously). I’ve been in similar situations, but don’t let it split you two apart. Good to hear it’s okay.


thanks H.B.

Hashut’s Blessing:

No problem. Just as long as you know it’s worth the wait :smiley: