[Archive] Oh yes there will be lava.(update)


Just got advised that it might be fun to place my little project here. So a little copy and paste from warseer later and I would like to introduce you to my first model of what I hope to be a growing CD army.

I’ve been busy painting skaven for the last 1,5 years and I really need a break from them before I take the plunge and finish up the remaining “couple” of models (75+ )

So, since I got the Tamurkhan book and I discoverd after some quick calculations about 3600 points worth of old school (big hat) chaos dwarfs lying around here doing nothing I figured it was time to drop them all in the paintremover and start something new.

This will not be a weekly updated log (I’m so slow) and I can’t vouch for the quality of the pictures (I’m so mediocre) but I’ll try to update it everytime I finish something.

So,for my first installment I present to you my version of a K’daai Destroyer based on the Ogre Stonehorn, bulked out with lots and lots of greenstuff and decked with plasticard armour, pointy bits kindly provided by Ogre swords and iron fists that I had lying around.

I hope you like it and it’s nice to be here.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Hi and welcome to the forums. That Destroyer is fantastic! I wouldn’t think a Stonehorn would suit a Destroyer but how you’ve done it really works well. I look forward to more.


Yeah I second MLP! I have never been convinced by the stone horn because of it’s fur!!! But you made an excellent Destroyer of it. I especially like the head and the small bit of spine visible next to it’s tail! The armor gives the idea of Daemonsmiths bluntly hammering metal on it’s frame. Bravo!



I had been on the lookout for a bull or buffalo kind of model and couldn’t find anything that really clicked for me until I saw the stonehorn model at a mate of mine last sunday and realised that all the fur standing up could be painted as fire and the fur hanging down as dripping lava.

A couple of packets of greenstuff and lots of plasticard later I was in business.


Good to see more Dutchie Chaos Dwarf players on here! Now hurry up and get some of those Big Hats painted! :smiley:


That is a great conversion


Awesome work! Love it. :smiley:


Awesome work! Love it. :D

Very nice. One great thing about not having an available model off the shelf is seeing all these great conversions.


Great work on the destroyer :hat off




Those metal plates work very well! Looks awesome. I always thought they’d need to be perfectly crafted to look Dwarfy but you’ve proved me wrong.


Hi there and welcome!

You’ve made a nice destroyer out of that stonehorn! Keep us updated when you finish some more models!


Will do Maded just undercoated 30 blunderbusses, my future general (astragoth model) and a castelan (will become the army standard bearer).

I’ve got inspiration, can’t waste those precious moments. :smiley:


Looks very cool, really like fragmented metal look.


First batch of ten blunderbusses, twenty more to go.


Very nice skin colour, and very nice freehand on the banner.

Going to be a very good looking army :cheers


Very nice bighats

Always good to see proper cd’s ^^




Iron Daemon finished apart from some smoke which I will add at a later date.

That thing is a hazard.

He looks heavy, so any unsuspecting person trying to pick it up will do his back in when they us some power to lift it and they find themselves getting launched into the air:)


Crisp painting on the Iron Daemon. Gold & Silver are always a good combo :slight_smile:


Bit of an update, army standard bearer, finished iron daemon and the magma cannon.

Singleton Mosby:

I really like the Magma cannon a lot. :hat off