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After posting a link to Spartan Games’ “Uncharted Seas” and Idly asking If they’d have Evil Dwarfs in their game, I decided to ask them directly…

Subject:Can we play too?

Message:After seeing your Uncharted Seas minis, I had to bring them to the attention of some of my forum friends. We have a few pirates in our midst,and they were interested in the old GW Man o’ War game.

We are a community of gamers who play Chaos Dwarfs in Warhammer. Since we seem to have been abandoned by them, however, we’ve started looking to other companies like Rackham for new figures, or producing our own miniatures and fluff.

My question to you is, will there be an “Evil Dwarf” type race in your Uncharted Seas/Lands games? If not, would you be open to the idea? I don’t mean to sound like someone who wants you to ape GW. You obviously have a new direction you want to pursue (and Thank God for that, really),but where GW drops the ball and alienates players, companies like yours have an opportunity, right?

We recently created a bit of a stir on the forums for the upcoming BloodBowl video game by making our voice heard on the Cyanide forums in their poll for what new races people want to see. We took 1st. No spamming, no multiple accounts. We are a dedicated fan base, and we’re hungry :).

I was going to post a question about this in your forums, or start in on the race poll there, but I wanted to contact you first and get a sense of how you felt about the idea.

Regardless of your decision, I’ll be following your games with interest.Those Firestorm:Armada protos look awesome…

Also, please drop by and visit us at Chaos Dwarfs Online and see what we’re up to. Join the forums and share any ideas you might have, we’re pretty open minded by necessity.

Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work!

The answer I recieved was a solid “YES”. They will have an “Evil Dwarf” race in both the naval and 28mm games. I’ve invited them to join us here and see what we’ve been doing, but I’m going to say come January 2nd we hit their poll on what races we want to see next the same way we did the Cyanide Blood Bowl Forums. Be loud, be proud.

And let me reiterate, they said “YES”. Not “maybe later”, not “when we have the resources”. Let’s back the guys who will listen to us here.


I apreciate this kind of initiative from CDO members. Their models so far are interesting, and to see them make evil dwarfs is just thrilling. If they are good enough i am probably going to include some of them into my dawi zharr legion.

Good job X-porter!!!

Kera foehunter:

Kera has a navy NOW !! MY evil newdwarf pirate rules !!! AND NOW EVERONE WILL KNOW!!!

this is my first step on the take over !!

Kera Gives x-poter a BIG Bear HUG !!! thanks