[Archive] okay, i need tutoring

kilik flameblade:

i cannot sculpt. no matter how hard i try to do a decent beard i cannot get it done. and don’t even get me started on musclature…

i need help, and you guys are the ones to help me…

The Flying Beaver:

Have you watched Xander’s video guide? If not, here’s a link: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/5711


Here are some great websites :hat off




(look at articles at the bottom of the page)


nerd :cheers

kilik flameblade:

cool, i was also thinking of taking the easy way out and buy a crap load of hellcannon crew…good idea you think???


If you’ve got the money… then i suppose you could do that, but you are still going to need some converting capability in order to convert blunderbussiers and so all of your regular warriors aren’t holding the same weapon.

kilik flameblade:

hmmm, well i geuss i’ll go for regular bfsp converting. oh and to try something i made 2 death rocket’s/hellstorm rocket batteries (i play empire too) out of the following

golf tee’s

wooden doles

popsicle sticks

white glue (obviously)

i will try to make a tutorial if you guys like it. i will show a pic sometime soon

Hashut’s Blessing:

make the tutorial anyway and post it. Thise that want to use it, can then! Also, I wouldn’t have an army of Hellcannon crew models. Too much of one pose, too difficult to get variety.


Did you check out my videos, that Beaver posted? They are quite helpful as an into to green stuff lesson. :slight_smile:


I must admit Xander’s videos are superb. Not only do they help you with how to sculpt chainmail and CD beards, but once you see how simple these things are it will boost your confidence with greenstuff. Many people are just daunted and dealing with that is half the problem. Once you stop worying too much about wrecking your mini, you’ll improve out of sight. THe one piece of advice I’ve posted before is to say that greenstuff requires patience. Do one small piece a a time and leave it to cure fully before doing ANYTHING else to that model