[Archive] okay, i've got an idea

kilik flameblade:

it may not be liked. but i was thinking about buying a dwarf battalion and only paint it in a chaos dwarf scheme… whould this be okay with you guys, or would it hurt you to see…

The Flying Beaver:

Now Kilik, you can surely put a bit more effort into your chaos dwarfs!

Hashut’s Blessing:

To be honest, I have done this, but don’t use them as my choas dwarfs. They still look too much like Western dwarfs. However, when put into an army of models that (the majority of which) look more chaos dwarfish, they aren’t too bad. Or if you use them as hobgoblins and say they’re weaker/younger/slaves/prisoners.


I did that to kilik, well actully I started with dwarves mine just hade a really dark paint scheam,but if you want a army that people reconize as chaos dwarfs you should modle them to look like real chaos dwarfs or face the question of “why do those dwarfs have goblins and orcs with them”.